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  1. Would really love to be PM'd Please.
  2. Holmes (Rathbone and Brett) Deckard Agent Dale Cooper Dexter Rosco P Coltrane (Coo Coo!)
  3. Can't help imagining what Match of the Day would be like with this sort of honest, open punditry. I would pay to watch that!
  4. Cardiff for me, so it eases their money worries.
  5. Having a trial with 'Boro. Trying to win a short term contract till the end of the season apparently. They have offered a contract to Joe Cole too.
  6. No he hasn't. They expect him to sign tomorrow (Monday).
  7. Absolutely no mention of Moses going to Wigan, or anywhere else for that matter, this morning.
  8. West Ham, Wigan and Fulham interested SSN. Probably go to Fulham IMO.
  9. Wenger says he's unlikely to sign anyone else this window. However West Ham have ended their interest in signing Benjani. Could be the Premier League club that now set their sights on Moses. Hope not.
  10. Yup, early goal will kill them off IMO.
  11. Heard that they only had 3 for the bench before they lost Moses.
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