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  1. Summer Transfers 2013

  2. OK, Saint's Row 3

    Aye, it's class.
  3. Fan Mail

    I live next door!
  4. Newcastle United v Man City Saturday 15th

    Not feeling confident at all about this one.
  5. Far Cry 3

    Do the relics do anything important 2bias? Whats everyones approach to this game then? Loving the recurve bow and takedowns so its the silent way for me.
  6. Far Cry 3

    Aye I'm with 2bias on this one. Been playing it non stop for the past couple of days. So hard to put down.
  7. Bordeaux v Newcastle

    Abeid RB?
  8. Football Manager 2013

    Hows Campbell progressed in your game Tooj?
  9. Newcastle v Maritimo

    Has Cisse been offside 3 times in 7 minutes?
  10. Newcastle v West Ham

    Reckon Cisse needs to come off, and I need to change my avatar. He has just been terrible since the season kicked off.
  11. Newcastle v West Ham

    This commentator thinks he has the solution for everything.
  12. Football Manager 2013

    Where's the cheapest place to pre-order from?
  13. Football Manager 2013

    So is it pretty much you just get access to the BETA version until 2 weeks time? And if I do that next week I would get the BETA version straight away? Very tempting. Usually I just wait for the demo then crack it but the Toon look interesting this year and i've been hammering 12 a bit recently so might have to pre-order it.

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