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  1. http://www.sportsdirectnews.com/premier-league/24563-clarification-newcastle-in-shock-rooney-bid.php
  2. Do the relics do anything important 2bias? Whats everyones approach to this game then? Loving the recurve bow and takedowns so its the silent way for me.
  3. Aye I'm with 2bias on this one. Been playing it non stop for the past couple of days. So hard to put down.
  4. Hows Campbell progressed in your game Tooj?
  5. Has Cisse been offside 3 times in 7 minutes?
  6. Reckon Cisse needs to come off, and I need to change my avatar. He has just been terrible since the season kicked off.
  7. This commentator thinks he has the solution for everything.
  8. Where's the cheapest place to pre-order from?
  9. So is it pretty much you just get access to the BETA version until 2 weeks time? And if I do that next week I would get the BETA version straight away? Very tempting. Usually I just wait for the demo then crack it but the Toon look interesting this year and i've been hammering 12 a bit recently so might have to pre-order it.
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