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  1. Ronaldo around on here?
  2. Yeah, think I lost access to the secret board.... Oh, wait.
  3. Assume Bridget is no longer a member?
  4. Can someone change my member badge btw please?
  5. We need new fullbacks. If Jetro comes back next season I'd be happy enough with him, but none of the others are good enough.
  6. Hey, I lurk here regularly ;-)
  7. Ahh, I didn't actually realise you were the same member on both boards. I thought you were just a regular on here?
  8. Shearergol


    Just can't believe this. One of the first posters I had "banter" with. Absolutely devastating news. Nothing else matters. Nothing.
  9. Yeah, said his goodbyes to everyone on Saturday after the friendly. He'll score 20+ goals in that league.
  10. I could just change his badge rather than his permissions if that would help?
  11. The fuck have you been hiding!? Glanford Park
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