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  1. Happy Birthday, Shearergol!

    Cheers dude
  2. Gejon.

    Just can't believe this. One of the first posters I had "banter" with. Absolutely devastating news. Nothing else matters. Nothing.
  3. Introductions Allow me to introduce myself!

    Hi, my name's Gol and I'm an alcoholic EDIT: What's happened to shades.gif?
  4. Gary Hooper

    Yeah, said his goodbyes to everyone on Saturday after the friendly. He'll score 20+ goals in that league.
  5. Which simpleton gave

    I could just change his badge rather than his permissions if that would help?
  6. A request to the Toontastic Gods

    The fuck have you been hiding!? Glanford Park
  7. A request to the Toontastic Gods

    I'll do it this weekend.
  8. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    So Xisco is to blame for all of this? Bollocks IMO
  9. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Special K requested Warnock, Schweinstiger and Lennon. His ideas were dismissed out of hand. And we ended up with some very good players. I can fully understand the argument that the manager should have full control over the transfers, but not when it comes down to Smith and Barton
  10. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Nail/head. Why Wise specifically? His only remit is to strengthen the academy isn't it?
  11. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    Ignoring principles for a moment, doesn't it bother anyone that Keegan wanted to keep Barton, Smith and Milner over some of the players brought in by "the transfer team"?
  12. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    So the "Newcastle United hating" press were right all along then, eh.
  13. system 32 that the fook!!

    No, I just know my job... Get to fuck... Buy a new laptop. Quicker and easier. In fact, let's stop trying to fix problems altogether
  14. José Enrique

    Enrique is extremely highly rated in Spain. I know I spoke highly of Luque, but if we manage to pull this transfer off I'll be over the moon. Thats him fucked, might as well send him straight back now whilst we can get something for him ITK my rectum Might bump this.

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