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  1. If the two Koreas start fighting, will they get thrown out of the World Cup like Yugoslavia were thrown out of the '92 Euros? Could be a way for those plucky Irish to get into the tournament. Can just see a prick like Robbie Keane on Sky Sports News going 'obviously it's a shame that North Korea nuked Seoul but it's good that justice has been done and we're going to the World Cup. These things have a way of working themselves out in football.'
  2. I don't like the fact Balls was a Brown lap dog who undermined by any means necessary whoever he was told to. And the prick obviously relished the role too. Also very convenient how he got his new constituency seat. I could slag off the other three realistic contenders for plenty of things too, just I dislike Balls more than them.
  3. Balls, Burnham, the Milibands, what an uninspiring choice. Cosseted career politicians who've never had a job in the real world and have about as much substance as spit on a pavement. I love the way they're all being repentent about Labour's failures as they see them that helped them lose the election. Of course if they'd managed to get in they wouldn't be crusading now on the same topics would they? Balls is my choice to get it though. Horrible, horrible bastard who'll get tainted by the stink of failure in opposition. And added to the fact that loads of his own side hate him too, i
  4. The Met Office.... sponsored by Homebase A sinister conspiracy, though the grovelling apologies from the Met Office a few months after getting it badly wrong have been quite amusing. Not enough to make up for crap weather, but still. I'd trust Smooth Jimmy Apollo to get a weather forecast right than the Met Office's 'experts'. His 52% strike rate has to be better than the Mets.
  5. Johann Cruyff. That's how football should be played.
  6. he is like steeeeeeveee geeee (who I also despise) just gets away with cheating all the time because hes john terry, england player with gerrard its diving and back talking refs constantly and with terry is leaping at players with his arms up blocking with his arm/hands and nothing ever being fucking given for it as well as fouling and back talking refs constantly Stevie G's usual tactic of when things aren't going well for his team to fly in with dangerous challenges always gets overlooked by pundits. Remember his two footed lunge at Solano back in 2003. Horrible scouse bastard
  7. Neville should have went to the Liege game. Staying in the hut listening to Ajax on the radio instead, the soppy bassa
  8. Carling isn't a great beer, but a big part of the problem of a crap pint is how many pubs don't bother doing their lines properly. Loads of places keep a terrible cellar, and it shows.
  9. Keep the other two on the go, think of the one in the bag as an away goal in a European tie. Having that in the bank gives you the confidence to kick on and get another couple.
  10. Just had a cup of tea, but I think tonight for a proper drink it'll be Erdinger. I never get bored of Erdinger.
  11. Not sure what the ECB are so worried about either. Didn't the beeb manage to offer fifty million more than itv for formula 1 despite no one bidding against them. ECB will probably get an even bigger pay day than they would off Sky.
  12. Sounds good on paper. In practice the Beeb will probably make a right arse of it. Spoony and Tim Jovejoy will probably be the commentary team for the first session of the opening Ashes test. They'll want to make the coverage more accessible and inclusive.
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