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  1. Football Forum Awards 2007

    Football Forum Awards 2007 Don't know if this is the right forum for this but we should use this to help promote our site and get our forum up in lights.
  2. Probably the hardest football quiz on the net? I got 12 and gave in lol
  3. Beardo as a stand-up...

    ...what a ledge. This is gold.
  4. Megson For Bolton

    They will need it, looks like they will settle back down there for a long time to come
  5. Roz and Tayls unlucky to be dropped

    The question is, can we keep him happy? well if you were him what would you do, stay or look for first team elsewhere?
  6. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    Yesterday I bought a Saab Automatic 2.0 Turbo 95 on a 2005 plate with 12k milage for £10995. Drives like a dream.
  7. Penning your resignation

    pretty spot on, nice one
  8. Roz and Tayls unlucky to be dropped

    Don't write Taylor off, he's young and has a lot to offer us in years to come.
  9. Megson For Bolton

    Paul Jewell is not a bad suggestion mate, if I were a Bolton fan I'd be happy with him but Megson ..... nightmare.
  10. Megson For Bolton

    Nightmare appointment for Bolton. I reckon they will deff go down this season now.
  11. Check this footie quiz out, be warned is hard

    fair play I copied it off that site, was just trying to create some involvement being the new boy on the block so to speak, appologies to those who I upset.
  12. Beardo as a stand-up...

    Mate. It's total dogshit. That's what makes it so funny.

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