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  1. 2007 years old, must be some size cake to hold all those candles!
  2. "lay" them instead sorry i dont understand that. Ive only once placed a bet in my life.....200 quid on sheff utd to be relegated. ) So am a bit of a novice.
  3. is there a way i can bet AGAINST a team qualifying from the championship? eg bet against sheff utd gaining promotion to PL
  4. well who the hell was making that banging noise in my chimney last night then?
  5. for once robson has impressed me! Thats very smart move imo. Might top up my SUT shareholding a bit )
  6. worlds worst sounding accent is the "geordie" on big brother. Probably a mixed marriage runt from washington(half geordie half mackem) who spent 10 years in london at art college, and bums the director. Those are the images i get from hearing his accent. ie pretty cringeworthy stuff. Done think much of jane middlemiss either.
  7. DO you know the girl who had sex with three United players? Call The Sun on 020 7782 4105. Don’t worry about the cost, we’ll call you straight back. You can also email us at exclusive@the-sun.co.uk Hurray for investigative journalism!
  8. so whats the difference between a dweeb and a dork then?
  9. one for t he tolkien fans.... name 2 Glaring errors in ROTKing(well in jacksons interpretaion thereof) clue...after passing through shelobs lair, and before arriving at mount doom.
  10. I hope jackson learns from the mistakes he made in LOTR`s. He made them far too sentimental and concentrated too much on the battle scenes. I enjoyed the 1st film but was disappointed with next 2. The middle film was the weakest imo. Wonder how they will mangle the hobbit into 2 films....looks like they planning to make the battle of the 5 armies into half the second film ( I wonder if TOlkien is a bit miffed right now! "Before Gollum had the ring when Isildur took it from the dark lord and should have destroyed it when he had the chance. " DO new line own the co
  11. qscqscqsc

    DDR ram

    I found out something startling last night! There are different types of DDR memory. Apparently it goes from PC2100 to PC5000 ! in 10 steps. I didnt know there was anything better than pc3200 (200mhz) AM assuming that everything over pc3200 is special overclockers memory from Crucial etc. Anyone tried much of this overclocking milarkey? http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/mpartspecs...748D7B1A5CA7304
  12. "gcgsgcgsgcgsgcggc outs himself as a non-geordie!" Yes am a Northumbrian not a geordie Being from Morpeth am not very broad, pls i lived away for a while, so watered my accent further.
  13. Geriatric fantasy sex site.... http://www.penshionbook.com U know U want it!
  14. http://www.jadafire.com/gallery.asp One for you raging feminists on here!
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