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  1. is they guy in the 3rd picture real?
  2. pretty good usually play centre mid or on the wing. got a great right foot if a say so myself
  3. http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1032962 bought that razor a few weeks back and its the best ive had its a double sided single blade so it lasts ages without havin to change the blade and u get a good few blades with it
  4. Film you watched at the Cinema: Shrek the Third album you got: Arctic Monkeys - Favorite Worst Nightmare DVD you got: Napoleon Dynamite Book you read: The Black and Tans
  5. div-s-

    i want a wii

    dont play bowling near low hanging lights
  6. its getting a bit to gay for me to am not a homophobe a just dot like seeing men kiss
  7. the man has a point a fucking hate that cow with a passion
  8. a fuckin hate her although she looks better now than she did last year
  9. div-s-

    Oh lord

    personally a think hollyoaks is good and aye cos it takes up a whole fucking night man and its boring as fuck!
  10. div-s-

    Oh lord

    the eurovision is possibly the biggest waste of a television programme ever
  11. watching Hot Shots! Part Deux the now what a film lol
  12. there robbing bastards they probably wear black and white striped jumpers in their call centres. got charged nearly an extra 15 quid onto my t in the park tickets for delivery and fuck knows what else!!!
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