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  1. Owen on the move?

    Never said I believed it, Doherty.
  2. Owen on the move?

    Alright lads, Stokie here. Just had a quick look around and I can't see anything on this one. Friend of a friend - I know, I know - says Owen's available and likely to move in January with West Ham, West Brom and, us, Stoke being the front-runners. Seems pretty far out as I'd think none of the three parties mentioned could afford his wages. I was just interested to see if you'd heard anything up your way? Oh, and regardless of last night - Ameobi's still gash. Feel free to lick me nuts as a show of thanks for Sunday with the Spuds. Cheers fellas.
  3. Ipswich close in on Ameobi deal

    Played Shola, best thing you've done for Stoke City.
  4. Ipswich close in on Ameobi deal

    That game has been generally considered our worst away performance of the season. I do expect it to be tough for us but I can see us being more of a Sheffield United than a Derby. Hope, expect - one of them, although I'd obviously like us to stay up!
  5. Ipswich close in on Ameobi deal

    I fucking told you mate when you got him. You said he'd set the Champo on fire! Fucking Sidibe's better than him. Mind I'd rather have Shola for £4m than £8m for James Beattie like has been quoted.
  6. Ipswich close in on Ameobi deal

    We've been mugged.
  7. Stoke City 0 - 0 Newcastle United - 06/01/08

    What sort of a style will you expect to be playing? Short passes with technique and guile or long ball and strength stuff?
  8. Stoke away in FA Cup

    Christ, has one of them eaten your cat or something? Aye it's built on an industrial estate by an incinerator. Quite apt as we're shit-hot. Vale?! Ask her about Chasetown . Aye, only cost £14m! Council paid for it and built it, then we bought it for £6.5m last year. Pissed Vale fans right off that they'd paid for our ground. Aye man, kudos for that one. Reckon you'll bring many down with you? I'd imagine you'd get the South Stand, which holds 5k-ish.
  9. Stoke away in FA Cup

    Fuck off you Stoke supporting Cunt, how does that grab you? Judging by your height, you'd probably only grab as high as my knees.
  10. Stoke away in FA Cup

    Loving this draw. I'm a Stoke fan, Jonny2J knows me and got me to sign up a few days ago for the craic. I expect some good patter in the build up to this. Don't disappoint me!
  11. Andy Griffin

    Andy Griffin eats titanium and farts sparks. Proof -
  12. Andy Griffin

    I heard Andy Griffin is made of steel. Anyone like to confirm or deny?
  13. Draw a House

    "Is he drawing a Dog?"

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