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  1. Arena eyes Scots job

    Honestly, I think Arena would be in way over his head in Europe. I give him points for wanting to leave the States to test his abilities, but I'd be hard pressed to hire him, if I were the Scots responsible for the call. Granted he never had anything that resembled a world class striker in the States, but his tactics in the World Cup were moronic to say the least. Zathras, I dont know if Arena got to attached to players, or if it was the Marketing Machine of US "Soccer" that made him favor certain players. Landon Donavan as the poster pof for American "Soccer" was a joke to say the least. In Arenas' defense, I think the suits may have tainted his coaching to some extent. Arena is best suited to advance the game in the States. His experience can help develop young players state side, and enforce what it takes to be World Class. In Europe, he would still be on a learning curve. First post.

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