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  1. Also to out the bint right further down the thread 'stoke' is not full of immigrants, Shelton, Middleport, Cobridge, Normacot are the places you should be referring to. As for Fenton being the worst place have you not been to The Meir (estate) & Bentilee and not forgetting Blurton. Stoke is the pits but parts of Newcastle leave a lot to be desired, your city centre & tyne are wicked but i would say your horrible areas are worse than ours. Not as bad as the biggest shithole in this country though.. London
  2. What an easy bite You want banter then its either TheOatcake or Stoke No Surrender And you have the nerve to say that when the majority of your crowd abused that rag head playing for the Yids.
  3. Remember this is the same Stoke that has done the Cardiffs, Man Citehs, Hulls, Brummys, West Hams, QPRS, Burnleys. And with the OB making it a late kick off it'll be even better. Try asking QPR why they only brought 80 fans on a staurday 3pm kick off?? Because they took the piss and we've battered them ever since, even their keeper got taught a lesson. Man City had to run on to the pitch in order to escape a beating. Qpr Hull No Surrender, BNP, National Front WERE STOKE AND WERE GAME AS FUCK
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