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  1. Organised bar before the Stoke game

    Bawan. I meant 10 minutes in the minibus or coach. It would take approx. 45 mins if you walked. I wouldn't recommend anyone actually walking to the ground as the nearest pub that won't be full of Stoke fans will be at least 30 minutes walk away.
  2. Are any of you organising travel and are looking for a safe watering hole before the FA Cup game against Stoke? Hanley Town can offer such a facility. We can also put on food if required. We have parking for coaches and mini buses and are within 10 minutes of the Britannia Stadium. If you are interested then please email me on hanleytown@googlemail.com to make arrangements, Cheers, Rob PS before anyone gets paranoid about this being a "set up or an ambush" then I will ensure that the local police are aware of our football club's offer and will keep you informed of their advice.

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