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  1. So far I put these together: St. James Park & NUFC Training Center Aerial shots of the city and the gateshead (sage, tyne and millennium bridge area) Tynemouth Longsands (running at the beach) Any GOAL locations I'm missing? where's Glen Foye's/Santis house for example? any other filming locations in or around Newcastle?
  2. Good for you Anyway I'm looking forward to have Portland and Vancouver in the MLS. Both teams and supporters certainly will add a lot of good stuff to MLS, wheter that's derbys, local rivaleries or general atmosphere.
  3. yeap, indeed - the name related to the LA riots. Below is some basic info, for more go here The LA Riot Squad established in 2001 as the anti supporter's group. (no dues, no memberships and no officers) is not a hooligan group nor is it racist. Violence and racism will not be tolerated. prides itself as a very multiracial group = simply superb bunch of people, I always have a great time when I go over and there's even 1 or 2 Newcastle fans among them too.
  4. so this was the 1st game I was able to watch in full from the Championship and I really liked that from start to finish. Great atmosphere, toon fans enjoying themselves, 3 points, a couple of (nice) goals and some good performances.
  5. Since I'm from abroad... Switzerland: Xamax Neuchatel (Neuchatel is french for Newcastle btw) USA: Los Angeles Galaxy England: Newcastle United
  6. I've read on various boards and threads and I still feel like I have no clue. What's hindering the sale, if there are serious interested buyers ?! Ashley is desperate to sell, so is he simply setting the asking price too high ? Are there some "shadowy" repayments (infrastructure, players, transfers) to be made on top of the buying price and the running costs, which have not been made common knowledge and only show up when they open the "books"? I can understand the buyers wanting to push the price down and therefore waiting to conclude a deal. Still sporting wise it makes
  7. takes the Batman thing to a whole new level... I kinda like the overall trend to include something from the crest/logo in the kit designs tough.
  8. they forgot the biggest hit! SANTI(AGO) MUNEZ (I just had to bring that one at least once, I'm sorry) I always liked Fausto for some reason, even if he wasn't really reliable and good the whole time.
  9. In some form such a rule will come into play sooner or later. Of corse in the short term that might result in less of the "same as every year" prestigous european clubs taking part, but for the longterm it can only be GOOD for the whole game, all clubs & fans. and a final word. I don't care if it violents any current laws from the EU or whatsoever.
  10. What I expect, currently anything from european places to relegation battle... Ok I'm talking Football Manager know, but what is the 1st thing you do when you go to a (new) club ? You have a look at the how it's run, the technical staff & facilities, players, costs, finances available and then you start to implement your ideas. If the overall theme really is getting rid of "average/past it" players on a high(er) salary, but more youngesters and prospects in I'm all for the cost cutting thing. I just hope he does it for the long term future of the club and not for the quick
  11. too bad, would have prefered another color-step (maroon-ish)
  12. they have an absolute unmissable (even worse that that "yellow") shining orange goalie kit aswell, guess he'll have to go with that one over this grey/black-ish kit.
  13. If you want to see the new Adidas templates (you can't get old ones) just have a look at most MLS teams kits, since their season starts in March/April. I hope the "maroon/purple" away kit has this colour and is not too "pinky"... this Adidas template below is mostly used for club teams this season unless they have a special thing/deal like Marseille the shirt could be in 1 "main" colour with just the slim trim having another or like here in diffrent variations. This template used by Mexico aswell as some Goalie kits is my favourite (I like these curved lines)
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