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  1. The latest who do you want poll

    Plus lets be honest at Juventus he had a much stronger sqaud to work with.So would you be prepared to wait and watch boring football whilst maybe not getting results whilst he sorts everything out?
  2. The latest who do you want poll

    Trouble with Deschamps is the style of football he plays.Organized and defencive.He isnt known for fast flowing attacking football.Wich is what Newcastle fans are after is it not?
  3. 10 points from safety, is it enough?

    The thing is there are at least 3 teams below you that are far worse.Fulham,Derby,wigan,sunderland,bolton. I think you will be fine.....maybe not challenging for europe but clear of relagation.
  4. Your Favourite Football Pictures

    Not a Footie pic as such.But it made me chuckle.
  5. hahaha

    There is a massive problem with the term "big club" in general. Many many teams can use their own formula that suits them. I honestly dont think there is an answer that is clear. If you say are Newcastle United a successful club, then at the moment of course that would be no. you just done it your self there, are newcastle a big club, but dont take into account support? Well, are chelsea a big club but dont take into account trophies? I think there is big clubs like Newcastle, and then there are big clubs like Liverpool & Man Utd who like it or not are huge. They have the success and the support. Chelsea wouldnt be that big until recent years due to the millions poured in. Newcastle has a massive history winning the league and FA Cup (and fairs), then people say, oh, you cant count things from that long ago. In which case, of course we aint as big as we used to be. Newcastle is classed by most (apart from views of rivals or those who are bitter who's views you cant really count) to be a big club because of the support AND the support it keeps through rough times. While some fans stay away from their club in tough times, we stay and perhaps be more vocal about it? Which is better? Well neither really. Basically, there is no defining line to which clubs on one side are big. There is only a scale. More recently our support and european flirtation keeps us towards the top of that scale. Id still say Newcastle were one of the top 8 clubs (think Turnover, support, overall premiership place to which since the start I think we are 5th or so and so on). Ok thanks for your answer.The reason i asked is because i am a member of a few teams forums. And the thing i was wondering is.Blackburn never consider themselves a big club(rightly so).Yet have been in Europe numerous times.Won the premiership,league cup,And have sucsses alot of so called big clubs(Villa,Birmingham)are i think jealous of. The only reason i can see why they are not considerd a big club is crowd size hence why i asked. Heres a question.If you could win the premiership but it ment you could only get gates of 20 thousand till time ended.Would you take it?
  6. hahaha

    Ok first off.Im not a Newcastle United fan but a football fan in general and i would just like to ask a question(with a good sensible response). Ok crowd size apart.But what makes Newcastle United a big club? I ask this because in terms of trophies won lots of other lesser teams have won just as much. And in recent years although close you have not won anything. Please can i have a sensible answer instead of a devensive back handed comment. And in regards to the liverpool fan.It looks like thinks arnt goin to change and there's still only going to be one team that won the premier league at annfield....shame for you though it was Blackburn.

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