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  1. He wouldn't need to tackle anyone, the transfer window would be open.
  2. There's lots of talk about his time as the Drugs Tzar but his experience as a copper is probably what will be most useful in the role.
  3. All right; apart from Derby, roads and plumbing, how long can...
  4. So, who's going to want the money and when do they want it?
  5. How long can Keane stretch out this run of no wins?
  6. Hang on. I'd say The Sun is to Britain what Derek Llambias is to Newcastle.
  7. I'm not bothered about voting rights. Just lump it all into one share as far as I'm concerned. If anyone's keen on the voting rights they're probably looking to invest for a full share of their own. Or should be.
  8. Cheers, man. More warning next time though, eh? Hang on, is this the match that Grobbelaar got done for?
  9. If each entity can only have one share, then surely Toontastic can only make one investment. Can we really stack up several of them at £1,500 each?
  10. I remeber reading an interview with Michael Bridges in one of the matchday programmes and he said he would love a motorbike but wasnt allowed due to insurance etc. What a cock he is (Cudicini) for putting himself in that position, complete bell end. Hopefully.
  11. I'm willing to chip in at around the £30 mark.
  12. Garry


    I think the "liars @ St. James' Park" strapline is good enough on its own. It doesn't need the other quote on top of it.
  13. Garry


    If this is the second time he's tried to fool us, what was the first? I'd have a difficult time trying to pick out just two.
  14. There's a spam joke in here somewhere but I can't quite put my finger on it.
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