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  1. another SD.com will be on the other side too i imagine and the puma logo?
  2. RIP the guy. I saw in on Faceook. Banter is one thing but anything more then that is ridiculous...it's just a game ffs!
  3. Whatever it looks like, brace yourselves because it ain't going to be pretty.
  4. I think no, this pic is from 96 and it's not there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bulgaria...a_Euro_96_A.jpg
  5. True we have started well, but you could argue we played Arsenal in the middle of their crisis and a Jet-lagged Fulham. I don't think we can judge what direction we are headed until we play the likes of WBA, Stoke etc, if we have improved at all we won't let these sort of teams turn us over like last year.
  6. No chance will he leave. Don't think it matters anyway, they would have to replace him with someone else of similar ilk willing to let the board walk all over them, and I doubt there are many decet managers out there who would.
  7. Another disgrace...the whole ground looks tacky as fuck now. Why couldn't he make the place a bit more classy...you can still advertise around the ground but make it look good: /photoshop
  8. Guys what is going on with Level 7 in the corner of this photo, one section has Sports Direct all over it?
  9. Thanks Tom...I was thinking about just getting the number 10 and adding the name when it's confirmed. I'm sure it happened when I was a younger, I remember having Bellamy 13 on one of the old NTL shirts
  10. Lads will Ben Arfa definitely be Number 10 next season? I've been holding off on getting the new kits in case for some reason he isn't and I look a right prat! I know he wore 10 at Darlington.
  11. Oops sorry mate! First I've seen of it.
  12. Apologies if this has been posted?
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