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  1. Being honest, before we scored the first freak goal, I thought you were doing OK. After that Torres and Gerrard ran the show, and you just seemed to accept the inevitable. Like I said in my Spyin' kop report, I hope you get a few results together, stay up and consolidate for next season. I'd much rather have the likes of you with your fan base in the top league, than the likes of Bolton, Wigan and the likes. My sincerest good luck to you for the rest of the season.
  2. It is.... but the police still won't stick their hands up and take responsibility for it. It may seem petty but that's what pisses them off more than anything (and as I've alluded to before, if it was NUFC and the police had that attitude, I'd probably feel the same). Taylor found them responsible but he recommendations were aimed at preventing it happening again rather than bringing those responsible to justice. I might be wrong but if they police had said that "yep, we fucked up", this probably would have been forgotten about years ago. I can see where you/they're coming from.
  3. It is so nice to see that someone such as yourself, Craig has done a bit of homework and educated himself with facts, as oppose to shite that was printed in the rag just after that awful tragedy happened. This could have happened to any club and its supporters, and please God it never happens again.
  4. Here's a couple of links that might explain a bit. http://www.liverweb.org.uk/justice.htm http://www.lfconline.com/news/loadfeat.asp...5&id=130833 That's because they dont want us to win. They want to have a go at us no matter what They're cunts almost to a man mate, not just them but almost every North West team I can think of, especially their attitude towards us. Arrogant wanks. All clubs have their fair share of cunts, no matter where in the country they are from. As seeing as it was me who ask you the questions, I was actually impressed with h
  5. TBF I'm with them on this one, the police should have been dragged over the coals on this one.... The fact that Jo and her Dad should have been bang in the middle of the leppings lane end when this happened is inconsequential but it did bring the whole thing alarmingly to mind. Innocent people died because the police fucked up - I'd sure as hell be pissed if it was NUFC. Thank you, Craig.
  6. I did an internal 'Spyin kop a few months ago. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=206034.0
  7. Many thanks again, chaps. Here's the link to the finished report. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=214123.0
  8. Thank you very much for your quick replies. I will be posting the thread up on Thursday morning, and will post the link on here when it's up. I wish you all the best luck for the rest of the season, after Saturday, obviously... Thank you Terry...
  9. Hello all As you can see from the title of the thread, I'm a Liverpool fan who posts on the Red and White Kop site (RAWK) http://www.redandwhitekop.com/ We run a thread called Spyin' Kop where we ask questions to opponent fans when we are due to play them. So if it's OK with the moderators here are my questions. What do you think of your season so far? What are your expectations for the rest of the season? Was Kevin Keegan everyone's choice to replace Big Sam, if not who would you have preferred? Who has been your best player/s so far and your worst? A
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