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  1. Torres=Token off southpark

  2. Great signing for them if he stays fit. Trouble is, his fitness record was pretty poor at Man Utd Massive 'if' re: his fitness. Just needs to hold the fort for a couple of months till Jones gets back? They put a bid in for Voronin, but I guess Benny and his 'valuations' nipped that in the bud. Worth about 3 or 4 million, I'd say.
  3. Hasn't looked good lately but a good pre-season run might be helpful.
  4. Should be a stroll for Manure, can't see pompey causing a surprise. Might be an interesting game for KK. Let the deason begin!
  5. Hey Dim-wits! ... there's no prize for having the biggest crowds!
  6. ... stupid little skanger no oneeven knows what a "skanger" is. People like you are ruining football (soccer) torres. You are not needed and were never wanted. Satelite TV and suddenly you're a fan. Do me a favour and go to game before you comment, actually do me a favour and die. I'm sure more know what a skanger is (at least those who can google) than know what "oneeven" is? You bitter little weasel, I've been to more games than you've had warm meals. In fact, I've been to more games than spurs have won by more than 2 ...
  7. I don't think the general public hold the fans of NUFC responsible for Joey Bartons behaviour. They might think he's a nasty piece of work but that's not our fault. I'm bothered about what NUFC players (and prospective players) think about being booed by their own. And you can call me Kenny if you like Well i have to disagree with you if the reason for you being against people booing smith is because of what other people think of us because you shouldnt care about what other people think about us as our supporters are some of the best in the country, (maybe even the best), so what
  8. Agreed, we've had that too with Voronin even when he's played quite well, people seem to need a whipping boy all the time. We had it also with Garcia even when he scored critical goals. The end result is that they lose confidence and it affects other players. only sad cunts boo their own ... be it managers or players.
  9. Difference is, I'm in employment fella. He's my b!tch ... I pay well! Daddy upped your pocket money? Keeps you 'in employment' though
  10. Difference is, I'm in employment fella. He's my bitch ... I pay well!
  11. Stevie's not been right about anything for decades. Well he is about this. What kind of person bets against their own club? Its just not right. ok... I know this is going to be an alien concept to you... I don't care about the money. Apathy guides my hand. I bet because it offers a condolence, if and when we lose. If we win, I couldn't care less about the cash. I'm struggling to see the problem. You dont care about money but it offers condolences if you lose? That doesn't really make sense does it? Is that digging I hear? Aye, getting ready for y
  12. Always to BarryBitch = Since tin-pot win from a few months ago (seeing as they've won fuck all of note) :icon_lol:
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