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  1. My friend's Dad is at Bilderberg this week. He's a fucking tosspot.
  2. defo a Pellegrini signing. he gives Man City some variation in their play and also he's very good at playing between the lines, and has explosive pace - which Man City have definitely lacked this year
  3. 10m for Ben Arfa? How much did they pay for Rodriguez? 30m Euros? Hatem has to be worth at least that
  4. ha I know Josh Weller - he's a massive troll can't believe EDF fell for it
  5. Baz Luhrmann - Shaving Ryan's Privates
  6. he's shite...made the most mistakes which have lead to goals this season out of any defender in the Premiership
  7. Freud by Spielberg? Fuck me that sounds terrible
  8. ] You mean that thing he did after managing the club for 1 1/2 seasons?
  9. I do remember Moyes having a stinking season with Everton in the mid to late 2000s where they struggled all year, but they kept faith with him and it paid off in the end, I think Pardoo deserves one more season even if he's got this one wrong
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