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  1. The January 2018 transfer window thread

    https://www.premierleague.com/news/465277 Chelsea have named only 21 out of 25 players in their squad. They have the maximum of 17 non Home Grown Players. All of their other players are under 21 players. Barkley isn't a replacement. They don't have to remove anyone from their squad to add him.
  2. The January 2018 transfer window thread

    They have space for 4 home grown players in their match squad at the moment, so he's not replacing anybody.
  3. Steven Taylor

    You're right, but I am struggling to think of a player I hate more than him. He just made Shane Long look like Messi.
  4. Steven Taylor

    Paul Moran, Billy Askew, Darron McDonough...the list is endless. Point is after a short period of time the lack of ability was spotted and they were moved on. Even Fereday never got a second season. Shola is the only challenger and even then I can remember games where he looked unplayable. Or maybe a half. Or a 15 minute spell. Or that one time when he...
  5. Steven Taylor

    Depends on the criteria. We have had some poor players make a handful of appearances. But on longevity of shitness, he's in the top 1.
  6. Steven Taylor

    To be fair to him, it must be confusing as a defender when the opposition run at you with the ball. I'm guessing that's not something he experiences in training. Worst player ever in our history.
  7. Basically the Spinal Tap of football clubs. Making the Makems handling of the kiddy fiddler look professional...
  8. I'm beginning to feel sorry for him. The club are massively taking the piss now. He should have been sacked Saturday night, not left to stew while we obviously whore ourselves around the international bargain bin of management discards...
  9. Bournemouth 05/03/16

    Not enough characters??? You picked Riviere you stupid cunt.
  10. Stoke City V Newcastle United

    A fucking park bench is better than most of our starters
  11. Newcastle United vs Chelsea

    Well the bbc table has manu 13 points clear, which they aren't...
  12. Obertan or Marveaux

    I think either one of them could come good. They just need a bit of time and patience. When any of you start a new job are you immediately the most productive member of the team or does it take a while for you to settle in? Plus these fella's have moved to a new city/country. Give them a chance and judge them over the next couple of seasons. I remember Colo struggling in his first season and look at him now, there isn't a better centre half in the league. Personally I think Obertan has a chance but he obviously needs working on and some support.
  13. Stoke City Vs. Newcastle United

    Not seen a mention of how awesome Krul was tonight. He's a large part of why we are doing so well this season. Nice change after Given and Harper to have a keeper who comes off his line and claims crosses, corners and throw ins. You can see how much confidence the defence has when he dominates his area.
  14. Blackburn Rovers vs Newcastle United

    I'm only pissed off because I had to put up with another 30 minutes of Phil Fucking Thomson.

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