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  1. Win a squad signed NUFC shirt for £2.50!

    Haha - okay, I think I can do that... how about, you're paying for the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause, for the price of a double in Revolution?!? I think that is priceless?
  2. Win a squad signed NUFC shirt for £2.50!

    Thanks guys. Hope I didn't tread on any toes by not asking first
  3. Hi all I'm actually a Spurs fan living in Newcastle (so I guess I owe you all a congrats for tanking us a couple of weeks ago!). Anyway - I have a current squad signed NUFC shirt, which I'm putting up on my site for a "reverse bid" auction for charity. We've been kindly allowed to plug it on here, so I hope you lads will please consider helping a worthy cause. There's a £2.50 entry fee (per bid - so if you donate a tenner, you can bid four times). The person with the lowest unique bid wins the shirt. This is the same shirt that retailed in the club shop in Eldon Square for £350, and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the club. The frame alone is worth £100, stands 1.15m tall and is signed by the current squad. There's a photo below. The charity is for Multiple Sclerosis care - the Merlin Project. They are a joy to work with, as they are always so genuinely and personally grateful for any funding through events such as this. http://www.merlinproject.org.uk (registered charity number 1093691). If anyone has any questions, please do e-mail me at spursornothing@hotmail.co.uk The auction is now up, and closes on Sunday May 4, so you have four weeks to put your bids in. With each donation of £2.50 or more, as long as you've given a valid e-mail address, you get an acknowledgment e-mail, with instructions on how to make your low bid. The page to donate is up and running at: http://www.justgiving.com/spursornothing (Forgive the URL! Like I say, I'm a Spurs fan, but I wanted to make use of your own club's generosity and great fans first). Hope one of you fellas wins it!

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