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  1. Oh god, grow up. /you're like a little kid running to mummy. Havent Spurs got a board you could go on? FFS your obsessed with us.......
  2. I havent got £200 for a scumderland ticket but me and/or one of my 3 cats are willing to suck anyone off who can supply us with one I asked the missus too but she said no selfish cow
  3. Too right hes spot on. This is THE only derby that matters
  4. Great vid. The 4-3 at leeds was fantastic I was in the East Stand upper for that with my leeds -daft mate I absolutely tortured them on the way back after it finished
  5. Shut up its not him with the glasses is it? Thats where I sit He's in his fifties and briongs his son along too. Proper broad accent like.....
  6. Im might jack up before we play them away next season, might get one for nish
  7. I wouldve found this funny two days ago but my mam just got diagnosed with cancer
  8. Think its my 10th derby mebbes more then again Im 32!!!
  9. I doubt any of them would have the balls to be in upper tiers in any part of the ground theyll prolly come tooled with flasks and sit in the family enclosure
  10. the most frustrating one of all. If not for that rain we could have won 6 or 7-0 I would say. Terry Butcher panicking like fuck and kicking the ball anywhere.......waving "bye Bye" to the mackems as I made my way out of the centre paddock at the time towards them in the Leazes End. We were so dominant and yet limited by the weather conditions it was untrue Yep, if it wasnt on TV it would have been called off. Theres one thing about that game Im embarrased about, me and my mate were the first people inside the ground at about 11am, got absolutely soaked cos we thought it wou
  11. The 4-1 for the hilarity of how quickly scumderland crumbled, however Liam O Briens free-kick just after I was getting a shitload of abuse from some fat smelly mackem bitch at the end of the clock stand was even funnier
  12. That's my usual access. Whereabouts are you? Aye same here row K next to the inbred fuckers. Ill be able to gob on them from my seat
  13. What a joke. Its easier doing it at their place I reckon but a few of them have. God help them if theyre in the leazes or Gallowgate too
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