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  1. HR Experts

    so you got your mate in and are leaving him on the sinking ship
  2. Last home game against Liverpool

  3. Europe --- In or Out

    I've now to goto crewe for two days again end of the month to waste time over the east west shit with defra For fuck sake
  4. Pension

    Yup same dec 2002 for me though by a few months
  5. General Random Conversation..

    Aye LeBron James 😂
  6. A That simple hate both might as well have one with funds and lose purse strings
  7. Valentino Lazaro

    He is tbh, and fair few injuries Utterly underwhelming
  8. Cooking

    yeast needs the sugar to activate think that's the purpose rather than it making it sweet or something
  9. Precedent Trump

    along the mexican boarder?
  10. Alan Pardew's future

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51169883 fuck me
  11. This is the news!

    11s and we're top going win the league and retire* Make the odd cameo and not train
  12. January transfer window

    Might have been but that tended to be more leazes, normally with stevie it was, just as ewerk says him being an idiot/racist and talking like a geordie Begbe. "pipe down son, ye just a fcking nerd, I like Irish my gran was Irish but see you son and weltie he's canny but see you... "
  13. January transfer window

    I can't even remember what got his knickers in a twist last time with me Never did ban him, never needed to, always did it himself after having a meltdown
  14. MS-DOS game archive

    Brexit and Monkey Island this is how i'll be making decisions and answering questions from this point on "there may be issues with volume at the port and the inspections of live animals" "well you fight like a diary farmer..."
  15. Politics

    School isn't a place for smart people Morty. Badly informed or too lazy to get informed is more accurate Using education makes no sense imo. Having the ability to recall things you've learnt off doesn't make you intelligent, it doesn't even mean you have to understand it, it just means you knew enough to choose the right peg for the right hole and pass a test, and that's probably applicable for a lot of people who have letters after their names, Plenty of morons have been able to go forward to waste 30k+ on a degree. Uni isn't difficult to get to, or get a degree by the end of it, it's just expensive. Plenty of people will pretty much fail a-levels and still manage to go on to university. *i don't have a degree or a-levels so i could well be biased.

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