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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Wish I had more insight than what's in the news but there isn't, and I'm sitting on trade/inspection meetings and how we're going to develop a system to do inspections/checks for east/west and vice versa while adhereing to the protocol etc. I can't even get a straight answer to which system I will have to either use or integrate with or what level of access the UK may or may not have to the existing EU setup as a third party country, or what level of checks they may have to adhere too And obviously the talk of new customs control points/the infrastructure that isn't even built... While people are saying we won't be doing that /others saying we will. Every meeting I goto is like groundhog day when it gets down to what the vets and inspection guys have to do and the time it takes and how much sway there is to change they process or add in smarts
  2. Coronavirus

    Aye reopen the schools, can't even contain a nits outbreak in most primary schools but fuck it
  3. Coronavirus

    He didn't sign any furlough contract or agree to be furloughed via email
  4. Coronavirus

    Tool hire company i'd assume so and no doubt why i'm guessing they're about to be fucked, using a retention scheme to give your employees the boot and pay the redundancy seems to be the total opposite “As discussed, these payments will be spread across both May and June payday. With final outstanding monies paid in June – this is due to the company’s intention to utilise the Job Retention Scheme as we continue to manage our cost base where possible”
  5. Television 4k’s, 8k’s, Oled etc

    I'd have went for something other than Sony (well I am), tend to get a lot more TV from Samsung for same money, why did you go for that model was it a good deal or something
  6. Coronavirus

    Reasonably sized company here is about to get shafted royally going by posts from another local forum Guy got laid off, and now has it in writing from hr that his redundancy payment is in staggered drops over May and june as its being paid by utlising the government retention scheme... Unbelievably scummy
  7. Holidays 2020

    Calls? Jet2 aren't eve taking any, they closed the lines on thier site lol so tui is at least better for that
  8. Holidays 2020

    Thankfully nothing I'm worried about taking a hit on, and not as much as yours. Jet2 have been refunding the holiday payments but keeping the deposits it seems from what I've read on thier Facebook and moneysaving forums, not sure how that works. But no sense in risking it for me, lose the deposit and look next year and not with them if I can help it.
  9. Coronavirus

    Soon to be mother in law was selling one of her properties right before lockdown, all agreed just needed signed, buyer went on holiday for two weeks came back as lock down kicked in, didn't sign had now asked for the price to be reviewed in 2weeks time, so she's put it back on the market while he tries to weigh it up and comes back with a no doubt ridiculous offer Edit > it's an empty house they used to rent and decided to sell so it's been clear /everything removed since Xmas
  10. Holidays 2020

    Need to cancel ours tonight before the full payment is taken, was hoping jet2 would reply to this mail we sent the weeks ago or we'd get something through about moving it to next year /using the deposit for that but nothing. So cancelling it and them getting told to get fucked next time I'm booking something it is
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Coronavirus

    I've not stopped tbh, had to start making a point of turning the laptop and ipad off at 6 because if it was sitting logged in I'd keep looking at stuff or sending emails while I did stuff around the house
  13. Coronavirus

    It's infuriating, watched the news for the first time in a while just to see the commuters now that was announced. 95% of them no gloves , mask etc all being interviewed taking about how packed the tubes were / how busy it all was , how anxious they were, While they all rubbed thier hand over thier facemforehead etc gesturing how anxious they were You can't trust the same stupid fucking wankers who were packing parks and doing a social distance conga for ve day before the lockdown to take extra care when the grip is loosened. No wonder the other governments got thier say out before that pleb on Sunday
  14. Coronavirus

    Liked the fact he's banging on about the "UK" but Scotland/n.Ireland /Wales have said nope
  15. Television 4k’s, 8k’s, Oled etc

    Aye The 55" hisense I'm looking at is prob the best bang for buck TV going at around 350-370, my Sony 50"was 700 about 4yrs ago and this thing is miles better picture wise, this kinda tech is way down in price now. As Renton said the difg between a 50 and 65 is big, bezel or not its about 7-8 inches wider and twice that in height (800inch sq more area) in display, its bigger, a fair bit. For a screen that size you need space like j69s sisters setup looks fucking stupid in a small room 6ft away from you on a bench or something (on a side note a load of people will happily spunk 700-800 on a phone every 2yrs that is prefectly fine too and a TV prob gets as much use).

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