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  1. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Belated happy birthday BTW noelie
  2. Politics

    Joy, turned on the TV to give taking about anti-semetisim Today can fuck off
  3. Politics

    Away to bed I fucking hate the DUP Stupid bunch of utter pricks
  4. Politics

    Yup won't be needed but they'll still get in here, same with the useless shinners They'll pay small fine and try get assembly back up and running, but were utterly fucked
  5. Politics

    Utterly depressing Really couldn't be fucked with work tomorrow, totally fed up with all of this and the planning for doomsday without knowing what it meant
  6. Politics

    good to know that later on i'll go vote for the parties here most of which i have very little common ground with and in general will mean fuck all.
  7. Politics

    Was at Belfast port other day going through the current process for inspecting goods, due to go down to dublin to see their setup all aaround the East<>West thing. The logistics of what is needed vs the volume and the fact their won't be enough specialised manpower to cope with the bureaucracy no matter how much I.T intervenes and steamlines some of it is mental. My whole aim comes down to I.T can't be the bit that falters. I don't want fees abolished either tbh, going to uni is a choice, you should have to pay for it.
  8. Yes Gemmill...

    Do we get off work then or what
  9. Start An Argument In Four Words.

    Wales? It's West England.
  10. "brawl" what a waste of 2 minutes
  11. New Phone

    picked up a p30 pro a couple of weeks ago, the camera on it is unreal, thank god the Chinese want to spy on us so badly they've produced this quality for shite photographers like me
  12. Politics

    Same with the reverse for exports as well, some streams will literally just die off as they won't be viable, and with the viable ones the extra strain or requirement for export certs on smaller business will have them go under within weeks possibly
  13. Politics

    i literally got an email on Tuesday morning as a "heads up" for stuff about a system i might have to design around board control posts and the fuck load of work that may now be required that wasn't previously (as in as late as deadline day last week) the scope for what would be in control is everything from frozen/chilled and ambient product ranges + high risk food of non animal origin, plus livestock pets horses, germplasm , by products, plant materials, timber etc
  14. Politics

  15. Politics

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