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  1. Recommend me something to watch!

    Aye , couple of bits with letterman creaming himself is a bit cringeworthy but that aside it's a good watch
  2. Recommend me something to watch!

    Watched "My next guest needs no introduction" first episode is Obama, decent watch, the difference between him and Trump (or a lot of other politicians for that matter) for how to handle yourself is staggering
  3. I wish, he's quality like, most of the time he gets played out left as well so has a good strike rate considering that, decent pace decent with both feet etc, he'll have better options than us tbh, he'd be a genuine real improvement for the starting 11
  4. stavley has apparently said fuck it since the announcement from the club was so far off the mark
  5. 3 Questions For Ashley

    or sits, Charnley prob just follows him about with a brush and pan
  6. we're 22/1 for a win and 9/1 for a draw jesus
  7. 3 Questions For Ashley

    Ashley would be happy enough with the "keep feeding you" bit mind
  8. She hasn't got to where she is putting up with arseholes getting on like this either mind The First and third bids (especially the third) seemed fine tbh, lets him out without his fingers burnt from owning a football club, he clearly wants to hang on in scrape by relegation and rub his fat hands when the tv money comes in his reign has completely ruined any real support I have for the club, results players and shite like above I generally just think "ah well business as usual", barely gets my back up at all.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    doing the stereotype no favours with this https://www.independent.ie/business/farming/news/courts/farmer-harboured-8year-grudge-over-blind-ferrets-36499293.html
  10. AshleyOut.com

    lol honestly wasn't aimed at them mind, which is my point, there's too many people who will be like that for it to be successful
  11. AshleyOut.com

    If people goto the games and buy season tickets it's a waste of time, and they will so it is Until people can manage to stay away it's a lost cause, and you'll always get 1/2 the attendance between "oh well i got the tickets for free because fo x/y/z" "i won't let him ruin my enjoyment iv'e been going since before he was here" etcetc
  12. The Boxing thread

    never knew about this lad from the crowd who is a pro fighter but there to watch/happily eating a hotdog ends up fighting Tommy Morrison for a world title because of a late drop out interview afterwards about 9mins "jeepers didn't think it'd be like this hi mum!"
  13. VAR... really??

    I didn't sadly, I've to goto our league meetings and it was brought up a few times between that and the phases of play... Boring as fuck
  14. VAR... really??

    you're wrong, it's anything apart from hands and arms, and specifically states "consideration for head, body, or feet in relation to the second last defender, ball, or halfway line" it's in every association/footy rule book going

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