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  1. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    aye no worries ill make it darker edit > should be done now and a bit heavier
  2. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    Turned it into a bar that's collapsible/extendable , and only appears if theres 3+ pages
  3. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    oh aye i know the bit ya mean now the topic info part , most popular posts and that at the side i'll see what options there are for it/how useful it is
  4. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    Hit the customizer button at the top and turn on fluid width Also 3/3rds...
  5. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    it was for me, i just didn';t let you peons have access to it have now
  6. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    aye broke it a bit there now stick with dark for the time being it's something simple
  7. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    done, can hit the lightbulb icon top right to switch between the two themes likewise the "customiser" button will let you have the width fluid (basically narrow, or the full width of the window) few other bits and pieces
  8. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    fairly major upgrade to the forums, there will be skin issues, moan about them here and i'll see what i can do i might have a dark(this version) and a light version of the theme but we'll see how we go
  9. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    We've now hit the point of I cant put off the latest upgrades any longer. Going do the "easier" bit today for the front end tier of applications, like the forum, then prep for the full server move/upgrade over a weekend next time I get a decent break from work. Forums will be closed while I do bits today, ideally not for long, few hours. Planned to do it during the summer but working on covid and brexit meant no chance (likewise for the next upgrade brexit is going possibly delay it pending on my work load)
  10. Ant


    your accounts set to an old address Chuck me an email to ant@toontastic.net and I'll sort the reset for you
  11. No rematch clause in the contract.... wtf is that about, utterly bizzare
  12. Loma probably won from 7+ maybe 12th a draw hard to tell, def not the 111-117 one judge had it like but Lopez shades it for me by couple points i think, Loma just didn't do enough in first half at all.
  13. Just watching Loma vs Lopez No idea what the result is or how it ends up but if it goes to points and Loma wins it, Lopez has been robbed. On rnd 7 currently and loma has done nothing Lomachenko throwing next to nothing, no attack from him at all, Lopez should be miles ahead. Bizzare his defensive he is at this stage must be overly worried about Lopez power or something
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