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  1. Rafa Gone

    Yup i'm done until we've new owners , couldn't give the tiniest of fucks who we get in now until the clubs sold, it's just not (i had enjoyable and edited it) but it's not even rage inducing at this time i'm completely apathetic towards it.
  2. Racism Survey

    Must be Danny Baker filling his spare time with a masters
  3. Politics

    He came at me i feared for my life, seen the bad guy shot the bad guy i'm a hero, Denny Crane
  4. Politics

    common assault would be if they were afraid he might do something , felt intimated etc, leads to a crn and means absolutely fuck all, it's beyond that
  5. Baldur's Gate 3

    they've teased that Minsc will feature go for the eyes boo!
  6. Politics

    apparently he thought she had a weapon must've been some threat of papercuts from the documents she was grasping, that lad is fuckkkkkkkkked
  7. Guy in work always quotes look around you when thanking me and no one gets it
  8. Politics

    https://8values.github.io/results.html?e=59.1&d=78.7&g=65.8&s=79.9 Social Demo with a couple of misclicks but nothing that would massively sway anything (did rush through mind)
  9. Shouldn't have been near that 4th world cup, and he got the goal against Brazil in that fcking 7-1 embarrassment as well 24caps for 16 goals vs Ronalds 19apps 15goals and a banjaxed knee, no contest scored that header against us in 2002 as well, cunt
  10. The Cycling Thread

    Shouldn't laugh But
  11. Other Games 18/19

    It's the touches that really show it up like
  12. General Random Conversation..

    there's a group of firsts/seconds and a few others like me in a group for weekly 7asides just to keep something up during the summer and it's far more craic than our usual club stuff, like you say totally different game, the amount of lads who come up to training thinking they're unreal because of 5aside and are utterly lost in 11s or like you say go from 11s and won't do the tracking back etc in those wee cages is mental, good fitness though since it's never outta play really but does my loaf in when ya get dicks just thumping it off the wall or whatever like a pass.
  13. General Random Conversation..

    lol i'm in our 4ths now thankfully so it's not too bad as far as keeping up with wingers but aye i'd be one of the older lads now (few older ones though in their 40s who were decent/played Irish league but have dropped down to our club and 3rds/4ths to extend playing) , I was never that level like but I've never had an injury from sport bar breaking my arm, so the legs are grand still, i'd cover about 5-6mile a game starting at lb. At the level our 3rds/4ths are in it's mostly physical teams that do well, high balls and brute force so quality wise it's low unless it's some like you say 17 year old kid whose just getting a run out at senior level trying to move up a club/toughen them up a bit they're never going be a baller. ya do get the odd one like but, but it's rare and they'll just get clipped by some scumbag that's the only thing that's off putting we play some utter arseholes every year, who have clear associations with certain factions here... and our teams got links to the uni so tend to be a bit "nicer". It's an odd league/level though you get way less time on the ball than you would in our firsts/seconds leagues where they play more football you'd think it'd be the other way round, and we'd still train a couple nights a week where most clubs we'd play do some 8aside for an hour, so we're miles fitter, our pitch is huge and anyone coming up to it tends to be gassed 60mins in, half the clubs play on pitches that make me look like rory delap for throws. Been doing my stint on the committee, then vice cap/assistant manager helping take the fourths the last few seasons but aye at 37 i said last season was my final one, had two cup semi finals this year and even then matches on a Saturday i was struggling to be fucked with never mind training, but soon as summer hits/international break around january/feb i'm reminded just how fucking boring saturday is. Going go back for preseason but if it looks like we'll have a thin/poor squad (most of the lads i started with have finished last two seasons) i'll jack it in, cant be fucked dealing with a team that changes weekly or chasing people up to put out a team if the 1st-3rds take players, that's the biggest issue at amateur level, people dropping out from being on the piss on a friday night and losing players to the teams above, we put out 4 teams every week so it's a big enough club, most of which are doctors/solicitors etc you'd think they'd be a bit more reliable lol are they fuck.
  14. School bullies

    Hard to say i guess if he's going to them rather than them seeking him out to pick on him, but it's probably a pretty common scenario sadly, people wanting to be in a certain group and letting them take advantage a bit in the hope they're accepted. Other than that bullying wise I've told the wee fella similar to yourself which was what i was brought up to do, Don't go starting anything, but if someone starts on you, make sure you finish it. Like you say someone will be an easier target if you stand up for yourself. (his mum obviously tells him the usual no fighting, tell the teacher etc)
  15. General Random Conversation..

    One of the Newsline reporters plays for the same footy club as me, i get my news from the source at training like rayvin, motd and the footy gossip page is about all i use, and i'd give that up happily enough.

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