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  1. World Cup 2018

    well this is delightful
  2. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Stomachs in bits randomly the last week, doubled over in pain with cramps a couple of hours after eating, then i'll be sick and it'll ease off. Was fine for a couple of days then same again 2hrs after eating some sausages/mash/veg for dinner yesterday. Prob an ulcer or something but had to get blood tests this morning
  3. booze

    long as you've not been brought back to some fancy offices and pissed in their corridors on cctv you've a ways to go
  4. booze

    likewise albeit prob months these days without one, but if i'm away at a gig or a nightout then i'll go on it properly, was out from lunch when i went to that beck gig and got back to our apartment at 5am ffs if someone said i could never drink again for some reason it wouldn't bother me tbh i very rarely take the notion for a drink in the house or whatever
  5. The Boxing thread

    It really is, hopefully gets his head taken off
  6. General Random Conversation..

    @The Fish https://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-charcoal-multifunction-pizza-oven-with-side-shelf/156-7297.prd?skuId=156-7297 they were down to 40 end of last summer as well, aldi had one that was about £100 that was the same as the ones above
  7. The Boxing thread

    Thought it was odd GGG not taking that fight and losing a belt for not taking a mandatory defence, but... sept 15th - GGG vs Canelo 2
  8. Recommend me something to watch!

    Is that the one with the lad from Oz in it and a Unicorn ? watched the trailer and thought "wtf" but might give it a go now
  9. What mood are you in and why?

    Fish is that you?
  10. World Cup 2018

    good excuse for if they fail miserably, think this was the first time i've done a euro/world cup team and not really considered any spanish for it
  11. World Cup 2018

    Mine at the minute
  12. World Cup 2018

    @Ayatollah Hermione your team name he's going come good
  13. World Cup 2018

    The mcdonalds one that runs the usual fantasy premier league opens on 8th of June i've been waiting on it

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