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  1. is the loadup time on bl3 for you slow? that initial screen with claptrap loader takes a good 5mins or something
  2. Finished origins and a few side bits like murdering all the phalakes Definitely miss the proper assassin bits of the earlier games in Italy, sneaking about hiding in crowds etc They seem to be straight up give no fucks about being seen games now. Started co-op borderlands 3 with the boy but fucking hell the load up time is mental Got fallen order of game pass too
  3. Sure just dander round the corner to moypark
  4. some companies just said they’re not shipping until they understand it rather than they won’t or can’t, like I said your side has been a disaster
  5. I reckon I can probably talk about this a bit more now (in relation to the import and export of goods and animal/retail stuff), and how much of a fucking shambles the mainland civil service in comparison to us are. Can't be arsed going back through all the pages/don't have time but i've been over the delivery of all the NI technical stuff for the export (see the previous two no deal hassle) and imports (this one) So if you've questions on the certificates/process and whatnot quote this and i'll try answer them as simply as possible, as it's a fucking minefield of complexity an
  6. cheers, only seen it (not sure was even on here in a few days) getting my arse kicked with work lol
  7. N.I remains a mini member state lol so should be fine, but I could use a break tbh ideally when the missus and wee fella are also off, lockdown is making me less arsey about it since we'll not be going anywhere at least over xmas doubt it, and hmrc etc aren't even close to being ready
  8. Well I've just been told I'm pretty much needed to be working straight through till 4th including weekends (not 24th/25th...joy) but they're going to let me carry my 39 days leave over in January so 1st of February I'll have 69 (harhar) days of leave to take next year
  9. Him or the brother not sure which is which is the mong who filmed the dead body in the tree in that suicide forest in Japan but they're pretty much both the same. he made a fair bit fighting (again him or the brother who knows) another youtuber from here who did fifa vids but was shite so had to branch out to random crap, KSI something, see him on zlist celeb quizes and the like now as well.
  10. I’ve a ps4 in his room atm for Spider-Man so I’ll add that, cheers!
  11. Mayweather won't even bother though , same way he dicked about with mcgregor who has training in boxing and mma. I'd pish myself out of some fluke mayweather took a massive shot to the chin, but he's prob the greatest defensive fighter ever, he's not going get touched, dick about for 5 rounds, then start picking him off but won't be any big hits. It'll get stopped but won't be a knockout or anything, same as the mcgregor fight. total no brainer earnings wise for Mayweather, but I'm sure he doesn't need it not sure why he bothers his arse like.
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