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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Seen plans earlier for that stuff we're not allowed to talk about being built here Which is lucky because no mission its being done by Xmas
  2. General Random Conversation..

    😂 That's on par with a bomb scare here where the first reaction is always "fck sake traffic is going be shit"
  3. Precedent Trump

    That could almost be an Ali-G sketch or something , except it's real and serious fucking hell
  4. That's me def done till Ashley is gone, absolutely no fucks left with this not going through (aware not his doing before someone flags that, I just get no enjoyment out of us at all anymore)
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    I'd a big post written about the state of the talks I'm in about east/West West/east prep and the customs points but its not even worth while posting as far as insight goes, it's painfully obvious how bad it is. Been up since 7 and dreading lobbing the laptop on for the first time in two weeks to see what load of shite awaits me, In the sense fuck all will have moved on but I'll have a load of meetings lined up to go over the same things again, actually considering asking to be moved off brexit it's a total waste of my time and I don't really want to have my neck on a block/take a bollocking for stuff outside my control after delivering the exports stuff successfully a year ago (which was a minor miracle as it was)
  6. Recommend me something to watch!

    Tbf the Americans was good its also nothing like a cross between breaking bad and homeland 😂 It's about russian agents living as an American family and reporting back to "the center" during the cold war
  7. The Boxing thread

    Was coming to post the same thing, only happened to find out because I watched that Joe calzaghe documentary on prime yesterday and was looking Jones up to check his age /last fight Bonkers, there was a clip of tyson training the other week and handing out stance tips at some gym someone sent me, guess this is why. he looked like the weights coming off and you'd still not want anything to do with him like 😂 but he must be 54, Jones maybe 50 I'd guess Big gloves, 8 rounds and head gear s well so it's not like mayweather slapping around karatekids with no protection
  8. Where has time gone?

    😂 Thankfully the changes I made over the years means it doesn't cost much to run, prob about a £1k a year with hosting/licenses and what not. But it's unmanaged to keep it at that kinda cost which means if it breaks I fix it or its fucked, touch wood we've been OK for the decade since I took over the techy bit with little unplanned downtime.
  9. Where has time gone?

    Cheers 😊 More likely till im dead and my bank account that pays for servers/licencing is empty 😂 Actually was serious about the big upgrade again soon I've been putting it off for ages due to work(fcking brexit) but actually so need to do a full server move/board upgrade in a month or so. It'll be easier than last time since it's my own "solution" in place now rather than what I took over, but still a major bit of work Also need to circulate details of logins and "if I'm hit by a bus" contingancy stuff again tbh most of the guys who got it originally are gone or infrequent now.
  10. Where has time gone?

    Cheers not what we had planned but prob what we preferred really , not many people/fuss just no honeymoon or break is a bit of a balls, decided even a couple of days locally at the minute just wouldn't be relaxing, and like anything here over July plus the covid easement means everywhere here is ripping the balls out of t price wise
  11. Where has time gone?

    Yeah I actually have to find the time to do a full server upgrade before November, not looking forward to it, time is not as easily had as when I first came on board like, must be 10 years for me now (going go check) 14th July 2011 not a bad guess Working on covid contingency, brexit and the imports exports for nireland Oh aye got married last week too 😂
  12. Hey you guys

    3&5 are the same person
  13. I've stopped checking for news on this, figured it's not going happen till seasons over at least
  14. Coronavirus

    toontastic deathmatch
  15. Coronavirus

    It's turned into no fucks given around me, similar shopping experience to Alexs part other day But the parents letting kids out is really getting my back up, the wee fella beside us was away to footy training tonight ffs Really making me doubt myself that I'm being over zealous keeping him in or going walks/ kicking the ball with us two

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