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  1. Or you could just buy it and get it done in a chemist or whatever I go get one every year having seen someone with the actual flu rather than the cold everyone gets and thinks they have the flu
  2. I'm not even in the new one and I've said the same Two delays now was meant to be the 9th then tomorrow Now defo next Thursday, all solicitors dragging thier feet, house is sitting ready to go /be burgled
  3. Bet one of me/ewerk know him and all 😂 Courier being useless or just refusing to ship it because they're unsure will be your problem
  4. Solicitors, was due to move this Friday to our new gaff Builders solicitor has zero paperwork ready last week... Ffs Delayed till the 23rd now
  5. Aye had it in my head it was last night, shows how little I've paid attention to it.
  6. I'd love to see him go and empty him inside the first to put a stop to all these types of fights, but aye like you say very unlikely.
  7. Farce on tonight with the YouTuber I'm guessing six rounds of mayweather making it last, ko/stoppage decided in the 7th by the ref
  8. Well tbf it's a bit of both, like anywhere since these areas aren't the most affluent riding past with a mobile phone and a fancy bike and not being from the area is going to make you a target. It's also 1. nowhere near as bad in that sense as some areas in cities like London/glasgow/Liverpool etc more likely mugged and a slap than stabbed or badly beaten here or a bit of verbal threats etc from wee scroats 2. Not be as bad religion or troubles wise as 20 years ago or 20 years before that again. But there's always that shadow hanging over things that it could h
  9. Going ruin this with the "aye sure we all know each other....wait fuck i do" That's the school I went to , i know people who teach there, my mate in work also went there, as do his kids now, and one was in the same year as well but tbh that's all there is as far as gossip goes, by all accounts he was a quiet kid. Cavehill has been a regular spot for meeting up at the weekend for underage drinking and with people from other schools etc etc since before i went to that school, nothing new there , just going to meet friends same as any other kid. Going have a quick s
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/COgaLTgAGyB bit torn, can see Canelo knocking him out but likely goes the distance and no chance Canelo loses when it hits the judges no matter how the rest of the fight went
  11. Girl round the corner from us is like that, utterly lazy, only way to get to her back garden is down a shared access between our house and another (just leads to hers and another neighbours mid terrace) I arrived home one night, prob like 10 just flew back from crewe had a 5am start was knackered and we'd two cars on the drive at the time so I'd been parking the other one on the street in front of the gaff. for some reason she was parking outside our house as I pulled up to do the same. Waddled out of her car looked back seen me, looked at her car, me again and clearly
  12. It's going to look fucking stupid as well, those two are like 200lbs and 6'2 utter waste of time, some sort of double ko would be hilarious mind, mayweather knocked out by a lad who makes videos about spending $$$ on pokemon cards but equally that lad and his brother are cringeworthy gobshites so happily see mayweather chin him in 30seconds and walk off without breaking a sweat
  13. aye figure something similar we'll put me off tbh, I've seen people I know get a cheaper version for maybe a 5x5m2 area and it was 2-3k and looks horrific
  14. Aye looks really good, our pup destroys the grass, never knew it was a thing that female dogs pee burnt it. Going look at something similar to yours with the raised section and paving but with fake grass I think
  15. seeing it's me that's a given we've already got a fairly smart setup here, light routines inside/out, I fitted a google nest thermostat myself last year etc Aye, I fitted two outside sockets myself for garden lights and an ip camera here but I'll get the same added to the new gaff, by default, likewise a bell wire for Google doorbell, oddly our current gaff has an outside light at the door but no doorbell wire Biggest faff seems to be sky, engineers won't go into lofts etc and won't deal with media plates that come with the builds, which obvio
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