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  1. 😂 At nearly 39 i probably should be
  2. usually is, but not much you can do once they're in i guess, likewise for lads in a van appearing with ladders and doing it on a lamppost builder was telling me yesterday two lads arrived on the site in a white van, threw a ladder up, put up flag on an old powerline pole, that was currently in the middle of foundations for a house... he said he just laughed as they seemed chuffed with themselves but were too stupid to realise the obvious problem with their effort and NIE took the pole down two days later
  3. We're looking at moving house atm, and the amount of times you see one rogue moron in fairly nice areas with a flag out is insane even for here, you'd think in certain areas/houses of a particular value the occupant would have more sense than to make the place look like a trampy hole. We're probably going to opt for a brand new build in a new street near us, and the thought of having some tramp like that move in after us is giving me the fear
  4. Going back to footy training tonight hit my limit for living like a hermit and looking at moving house/brexit has made me need to kick something. Limited to 15 people per pitch at least and everyone close to me has had the jab (just not me) i should be in the next month i'd guess when it hits the 35>39 crew, and i've no health conditions at all so think it's an ok risk.
  5. Why can't you share? Litterally can't remember 😂 I'll fix it for your birthday
  6. see where that mural is, right behind the houses is football pitches I've had to play on quite a few times, the changing rooms/portacabin have another mural on the side of it This is them 😂 We'd lads arrive in antrim gaa gear as well a few times (they played for antrim tbf) which made things unpleasant despite our team being mixed.
  7. Honestly, sadly yes, usually it's cars mind or some poor fucker delivering pizza Edit like ewerk linked above...
  8. happens every other year brexit aside, if anyone can name a year where we haven't had rioting for some form or another around those areas fair play but any excuse will do like. literally round the corner from that street is this one https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/twaddell-avenue-nightly-parades-protest-11713099 3 years that went on, over the return route of a parade
  9. Aye well that's fair enough, but the point remains the same, charlie the cockapoo is miles less likely to be on the news for eating a babys face, it'll 95% of the time always a pitbull/staffy etc (who has an equally stupid name to suit) even if you google "dog mauls child" the first result i got was a bull terrier called "Chaos" who wrecked a 5 year old, next results under again pit bulls
  10. The NIP is a convenient excuse tbh, it's arseholes being arseholes, if it's not this it's flags if it's not that it's parades and bonfires, if not that < insert some other thing from before I was born>, can blame whatever ya like but at the end of the day it's just scumbags wrecking their own surroundings because they're stupid, and the rest of us get to foot the bill for the cleanup. if you watch those videos it's a load of teenagers being egged on by their knuckle dragging parents, who will be the same people crying poverty/deprivation because the parks and facilities they
  11. it's my secret plot for a united ireland
  12. It's a load of balls though, fuck all about the NI protocol just the usual rioting they didn't get to do last year tacked on to this year now the pandemic seems less urgent to them. July should be some craic with the usual parade shite and bonfires added on. Country is doomed, too many morons now teaching their moron children the same things they were passed down by their parents. No doubt the same stupid bastards/their kids who would've been ringing bells and clapping this time last year now petrol bombing some poor fuckers ride to work to the hospital. Foster d
  13. dogs are class, mine has finally settled down totally housebroken and zero hassle, we dodged a lot of bullets mind bar the toilet training, never destroyed wires/walls/clothes etc, has a box for her toys and will go lift what she wants out and brings it in to the living room then go for snooze in saying that there are some breeds i wouldn't have about me, and some i'd never let near a kid in a million years, for all the talk of "it's the owners fault", that's a load of balls when it comes to some breeds, you never see a golden lab on the news for attacking a baby.
  14. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    Technically I didn't have to, just good practice. Gotta write up a "if I'm hit by a bus". Contingency guide for this place as well this week, fun week off
  15. Ant

    Forum Upgrade

    supposed to, on a new os now which was what i've been putting off for ages, fairly major upgrade tbh second one of that nature since i took over < skills to pay the bills
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