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  1. right stick switching and don't hold in jockey, switching to a defender quickly who is behind the one nearest to the ball works well for catching them out if they boost past , likewise blocking shots/cutting passing lanes. Basically trying to hold them up rather than dive in, and AI Defending literally what people do if they struggle to defend is let the AI do it for them, and touch nothing (long as your defenders have ok pace and high defending)
  2. ah it's proper rage inducing in FUT , you can see it a mile away there was a game i lost 2-1 in the 90th minute which would've got me like 23wins outta 30 and he'd two shots on target and i'd like 23, just hitting the bar/post/tots cards playing like a crippled shola etc
  3. schoolboy error, first thing i normally do is change the commentator language to Italian (used to use Portuguese so i got the gol gol gollllllllllllllllllll when i scored but they removed that commentator in 20)
  4. ah i didn't spend any , made coins with rivals and did SBC's with my fodder, got to play some fut champs a couple of times and finished elite or gold 1 which helped, but aye it's scripted beyond belief you can see a mile away when you're about to get dicked by momentum.
  5. Getting 21 for the xbox end of the month i think, every year it still annoys me to go from my team of legends/special cards to shitters zero craic without waltzing around the pitch with nedved and rui costa
  6. It always looks massive at the start (ooo err} but it's amazing how quick you get used to it, went from 42-55 in this room so the other half won't notice another wee increase
  7. i had to return my latest tv, just died out of the blue after turning it off one night, panel went not even 6months old. more annoyingly two fcking weeks ago it got picked up as an unrepairable and still waiting to hear oft he refund, ideally it would've been before friday this week. think i'm going up the size to 65" as well
  8. tbh at this point anything that dilutes fortnite or his need for vbucks is fair game for me now i loathe that game and the utter shite mood it puts him into, had to restrict his time on it and force him to play other stuff pretty much. He's 10 and played cod etc so anything with shooting and a bit of gore is fine really, he can't play gta for obvious reasons but anything else within reason i don't mind, he's downstairs trying assassins creed atm and he's watched me playing god of war (again mindless violence for the most part), he won't go near anything scary like resi evil, whi
  9. aye got it for a tenner, only started it really at weekend, just on the lv7 mission "get to alexandria" so still fairly early. Killed a boss just before that without even realising, i was doing some shite side mission and he came outta no where and i beat him like a normal guard then wondered why 10mins of cutscenes kicked in turned it off last night when i got abused by a Hippo i'll pick up odyessy after and leave valhalla until i buy a new xbox in the new year.
  10. Picked up assassin's creed origins, red dead 2 was just far too slow going for me when indeed not much time to play anything.
  11. I don't mind var The offside rule needs adjusted just to go with it.
  12. think i can add the quote button into the smaller mobile editor/remove a lesser used button ill have a look
  13. Need to check when I'm on the laptop, prob something to do with bbcode going away in this version (not that you can tell) Were you doing the quite tags and putting text in between it aye?
  14. it's how long it may be dragged out for if he goes to it as well sadly, one of the justices apparently said they only ruled on the polls closing/not closing previously because they lacked time to discuss it in-depth. which opens the door i'd assume for some long drawn out farce
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