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  1. i did lol , if it's ourside i'm not bothered, the other team and it being a bit ropey is different lol
  2. yes, the best one is, there's some kids educational cartoon/art app who copied our name called "Toontastic" where it gets awkward https://twitter.com/hashtag/toontastic?f=tweets&vertical=default
  3. it's because this gets automatically tweeted/facebooked and added to hashtags like #nufc the original could've went a bit wrong
  4. lets stick to the abuse for us...
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody - excellent, much better than i expected which probably helped. Worth seeing on the big screen for the live aid bit.
  6. Toon V West 'Am

    By the sounds of it not many will have been punished anyway didn't look/sound significant from the shots i've seen unless someone has some better ones. probably more left early by the looks of it, which makes it even worse, anyone who did that can't wait 11 minutes to enter because you support the team but left 5-10 early because we're not looking like turning it around lol.
  7. The Boxing thread

    Fury deserved a win even with the knockdowns tbh, wilder did as expected wilders face when he got up from that knockdown was priceless, was celebrating walking across the ring turned his head and had the "aww fuck off" look
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    there is easily if i get time aye
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    I do too, i'm honestly amazed you and ewerk have been able to go back and forth with him for so long in this thread without utterly losing the will, i've never been so pleased not to get drawn into something with him as i have this thread
  10. Dead Red Redemption 2

    God of War was immense as well plenty of side/optional stuff too
  11. Only in America

    aye his Instagram doesn't really lend itself to constantly being out and about serving god and spreading the word
  12. was being reported on todayfm last night and 7 this morning, £3m pay off if he was to be booted
  13. A woman on a train apparently
  14. General Random Conversation..

    Surprised a 16yr old lad was able to physical assault him, must've been sucker punched or something
  15. Best Of Youtube

    forgot that, i'd have chinned Big Boy Barry obviously couldn't afford "the games mistress"
  16. Europe --- In or Out

    Was listening to an interview with Alistair Campbell yesterday found myself agreeing with him while struggling to remember if I disliked him for any reason previously I can't even remember which politicians I hated for xyz outside of concentrating on hating all of the current lot
  17. Figured since we're getting an influx of new members recently an introductions thread might be of use! anyone new who wants to feel free to use it. use the following if you want (which i have completely ripped off from another forum as i'm utterly lazy) Real Name: Age: Birthplace: Whereabouts: Job: Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Favourite Food: Favourite Drink: Favourite Place: Favourite Tv Show(s): Favourite Film: Footballing Heroes: Footballing Villains: Other Teams: Other Sports: Role Model(s): Plans For The Future: 5 Things To Do Before You Die:
  18. Europe --- In or Out

    a Northern Ireland politician being stubborn, fat chance (we're going be getting fucked by it when she does)
  19. Nintendo Switch

    ooo cheers! that might swing it a little, is it a bespoke app or the standard one that can cast etc? Still thinking a tablet is going to win overall but that's a big box checked for what he does most
  20. Restore

    Hoster had a problem so I had to do a restore from yesterday no way round the bit of postings lost unfortunately unless I do multiple backups per day
  21. Restore

    Welllllllll I reckon I could grab the posts table tbh but considering I fixed all this from my phone in a meeting with ops while nodding at them pretending I'm listening that might have to wait or just forget it
  22. Getting a kid's book published

    @Rayvin just you do it for him sure
  23. General Random Conversation..

    Our dog didn't give a fuck about the fireworks thankfully, but it's stupid, brilliant dog to own but stupid, it'll shite itself if a quiet dog like a labrador or a retriever comes near it and bark/growl at a staffy or something Thing will literally look round to check i'm there then proceed to do that it's like it's checking it's backup is ready. Also discovered dogs like to roll in fox poo

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