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  1. The Cricket Thread

    i don't follow cricket at all but that's exactly what i've seen on facebook "he's been found innocent and already missed the ashes!"
  2. Holidays 2018

    mickey hartes daughter i take it? (this isn't a small country jesus we know people thing for the rest of you btw famous gaa lad)
  3. Recommend me something to watch!

    forgot they only release them one a week, was fucking raging after the first episode going wait till it's all out
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    aye thought that as well, which was partly the reason their "plan" was rejected wasn't it? that they couldn't just up sticks and shut down shops in all those places like Victoria square where they're basically the main store and have a contract
  5. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    we would have, but it was never going to happen, end of the day we brought in someone like Mitrovic, sold him for possibly up to 15m than we paid, and we not only stayed up but finished tenth. He wants a rinse and repeat, bring in loan players like Kennedy we don't have to buy permanently, only sign bargain bin players we will make either a small loss on/or a big profit pending on how they do.
  6. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Did you expect anything other than that though? i didn't which is why i'm past giving a fuck really, same shite every year while Ashley is here it won't change, and there's fuck all that can be done about it till he's gone, not worth my time getting fucked off like i had previously, nothing comes of it.
  7. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    let myself get hopeful with all the takeover stuff last season, don't give even the tiniest of fucks this season what we do, who we sign, how we do, zero interest. Looking more forward to watching Arsenal v Man City on Sunday, it's like I'm a total neutral as far as we go.
  8. Cooking

    another attempt to prove your other half is real
  9. The Boxing thread

    Yeah I'd agree with all of that, if the Ward losses had of been a PPV draw he may have had somewhere to go but they were as big as he'll get and were massive flops, now this defeat even to an undefeated fighter is prob the final nail in the coffin. Even if he tried to/could drop down a division to balance out his age with being a bit bigger/stronger, it's no money maker. Like you say a sad end, and he likely doesn't have the money he should have for that type of career, even Ward was apparently only worth around £5m until the Kovalev fights which he got about the same again in. Crazy in comparison to other big-time title fights
  10. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    as a loan fee for someone like Shawcross
  11. Yes, Gemmill...

    You're welcome and @ the onesie
  12. Yes, Gemmill...

    you're an actual runner now, you should be doing this in costume to make it harder Considering the charity please run this as Marty McFly and carry a ghetto blaster/boombox constantly playing back in time and power of love on a loop
  13. The Boxing thread

    didn't even know he had a fight, just watched the highlights, looked like he was behind as well on points, but after the first knockdown he sprung back up and clearly hadn't recovered, didn't clinch and tried to punch his way back in, a silly mistake for someone with his experience
  14. Rafa Benitez

    sadly nothing is going to come of anything while Ashley is there, protests etc won't matter if he's there we're fucked, and nothing we do will change that, the only hope is someone buying us off him which seems slim and we've no influence their either. The reasoning for anyone going this season to matches after those interviews/quotes are beyond me, the "it's out club I won't let him put me off" bit doesn't fly... you know what you're getting and who it's going to, if you go don't complain about the direction and the ownership.
  15. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    House of Fraser is part of Victoria Square I'll have you know, Belfast's premier shopping location with build-a-bear and anything else you could possibly want Connswater doesn't even have a tesco anymore desolate waste of time
  16. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Suppose they do sell a load of gaa tops out your way 😂
  17. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    well the one here is meant to be ladeedaa how the fuck am i meant to know i'm not in it buying handbags and the like, all i hear is people gurning it's expensive as fuck Ewerk lives in the arsehole of nowhere and is given me jip... either way sports direct £12 adidas trainers beside Louboutin or something still funny
  18. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    House of Fraser the ultra fancy shop with sportsdirect guff having a section in it would be hilarious like
  19. Figured since we're getting an influx of new members recently an introductions thread might be of use! anyone new who wants to feel free to use it. use the following if you want (which i have completely ripped off from another forum as i'm utterly lazy) Real Name: Age: Birthplace: Whereabouts: Job: Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Favourite Food: Favourite Drink: Favourite Place: Favourite Tv Show(s): Favourite Film: Footballing Heroes: Footballing Villains: Other Teams: Other Sports: Role Model(s): Plans For The Future: 5 Things To Do Before You Die:
  20. Politics

    yup, we currently have 100 in my division alone working in integrated teams alongside permanent internal staff and the lowest we pay is around 450 a day for a developer, upto in some cases 1200-1300 The ir35 stuff in our case didn't mean a whole lot for us or them whatever way the contract/tender is ran, they've to do a few things to keep themselves on the right side of it, I.E what they've been specifically brought in to do, or if one of my guys wants some time off they have to phrase it as "unavailable for work", not allowed to wear a staff lanyard with the depts name on it so it's just a plain green one... dozy shite like that. A few jumped ship thinking the worst when the ir35 stuff was coming in but whatever way it's handled it's worked out fine for them. Contract for this is currently being competed for as it's up for renewal and it's going run about £12m a year for the next three, the above creates a fair bit of friction in here tbh you'll have devs/tech leads reporting to bosses who are on considerably more than them, or the internal staff not getting a chance to gain experience because everything needs knocked out quick by the heavy hitters we're paying the money for, or these guys basically doing "other work" see a load of them in the corridor non stop on mobiles/tablets taking video conf calls. The ones in my team are solid at least if they're not or give me any hassle they're out to fuck, other teams will let them sit there doing whatever they like rather than rock the boat, was one lad 400 a day we were paying for who was literally sitting reading a "learn to code c#" book We took over another team in a diff building about a week ago, we got a new guy in as a B.A, less than a week through the door and he's coming in at 10.10, leaving at 3.20, don't think the day I was down he realised who I was since he fucked off before my meeting to introduce myself to everyone, two others were "working from home", lol people think I'm the permanently angry one in our place, head of i.t went fucking bananas when he was told about it, "when he gets up to leave tomorrow tell him not to fcking come back" I.T over here is really buoyant at the minute, and has been for a while, especially if you're in development. CITI, in particular, are just throwing money at everyone for recruitment, the big project I'm on has capita doing the work and they've lost prob 4-5 key staff on it to citi in the last 10months, was told no one can compete wage wise with them. I lost one of my own contractors (arguably the best one tbh) to them as well, they're paying megabucks for him to sit and do pretty simple deployments and the like compared to what I had him doing.
  21. Politics

    tbh it's making me consider seriously jumping ship to the private sector, I'd be looking at a 15k increase minimum compared to what I'm on now Recruiters on linkedin for the most part normally put me off instantly which is why i haven't bothered, in one instance i was asked to interview for a job with a company we had in my work for a contract... for the guy who was my counterpart on their side who was leaving would've went down well "here's your own staff back, and we're going to charge you 1300 a day for him"
  22. Politics

    We're not even getting the 2-3% that's been mentioned in the news here because of the assembly not sitting we didn't even accept the 1% and got told tough you're getting it anyway lol
  23. Politics

    it's grand i'm getting a 1% payraise tomorrow so that's 2% in 10years while inflation has risen 20 or whatever
  24. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Diff type of player though Schurrle is a forward or a winger, i'd have been happy to have him here, he's a quality player

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