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  1. aye OH actually went on counseling courses in her own time to try help with some of those calls, for the genuine peoples sake and her own, dropped her off at some session in a boxing club in west belfast a couple of years ago as part of it and unlike me shes has actual empathy and was fairly shaken up after it. think in that line of work you can tell the genuine ones from the rest no doubt but ya can hardly tell those ones how to work the system any better, and the ones who are making it harder you currently can't do anything to stop them.
  2. "For some people their best option is to scam the system because the system is fucked." I'm not talking about people struggling so bad they have no other option, there is a serious amount who are doing it and living well, while not ever wanting to go anywhere near work of any description. I'm directing my anger at exactly where it needs to go, the top for mismanaging/creating a piss poor system and lacking the ability to apply it well enough to plug holes like i listed, and the insane amount of people who can't be fucked to work/try find it/ but will go to extraordinary length
  3. There is sanctions, but they're not allowed to be applied and haven't been for nearly two years with covid (and those don't solve systemic problems like the automated advances and pleading ignorance afterwards/closing claims and then reopening a new one)
  4. not sure about over the water but atm here there's apparently no sanctions allowed, so there's no penalties etc to be taken or applied if you don't do something/do it wrong. From what i gather like the stuff i posted the system is just badly designed/applied so it's easy to do things like get overpayments and unwarranted advances but useless for getting them back, horse has bolted by that point i guess. OH was telling me there was self employed people claiming kids school stuff as business expenses then pleading ignorance, and not only doing that but like 1000 one month and th
  5. There's a difference between the poor and career unemployed, and without sanctions or any of that to put off people cheating the system it's just gotten worse. there's people who have literally made zero contact/effort with jbo's and the like in more than a year, not even accepted phone calls and are still getting paid , sorry but they can get fucked. at one stage you could say you had kids, literally fill in their details as a list of sandwich ingredients if you wanted, you'd get the advance of over a grand , and then go back and amend your claim saying "whoops sorry for
  6. well you showed them didn't ya, with the astute decisions and great res...hang on!
  7. as well as sky no doubt it is true though, i've no idea how she does that job and remains compassionate tbh, i'd lose my shit in a heartbeat taking home around £2k a month in your hand and ringing up to complain about losing £8 of it a month...to start to repay a £1k advance you got, you've got to have some set of balls on ya for that. Apparently the thing to say you need it for it is bedding or something like mattresses iirc which ticks some box , which then funds the christmas presents obviously
  8. it is an exaggeration, least for here but I assume it's the same in England, there are literally no sanctions currently in UC so if you don't do what you're supposed to they can't actually impose any penalties/restrictions and haven't been allowed to for ages. My oh works on UC, does the interviews and all that so I literally see her doing them daily, and the shite people get away with is unreal. One of her customers with 3 nippers is taking home nearly £2k in her hand a month, and then then the serial unemployed who are working is maddening. I was going through Fa
  9. He's shite and lazy, the worst combination that break in the first half that got squared across for ASM to try slide into, Joelinton was still back near the halfway line at that point despite them both starting there when we broke forward.
  10. tbf @ some of the posts above, I don't think anyone is criticising anyone, just looked bizarre at the time with a CB going over to flag the guy across the pitch I assumed there would be a few units like that throughout the concourses a bit handier considering the size of the place and general attendance.
  11. I agree like, thought it was pretty piss poor in that regard, not a gangster film i'll ever be rewatching. Gew of the nods to the sopranos like the bit at the fairground etc just seemed lobbed in/were pretty much there to keep fans happy and bought in rather than being worthwhile.
  12. Tbf I said to the OH wonder why it took that intervention(someone running over to the bench after a couple of minutes) to get someone over with a defib unit when everyone around them is mic'd up. Assumed there would be unit near by too Great work like, fair play to regulion getting it more attention
  13. mums heading in for a double hip replacement on saturday, shes been pretty much housebound for 6 months, had to go and buy a wheelchair/other mobility aids etc and move her into a bedroom downstairs as she couldn't get her feet an inch of the ground and not at all recently. Ready to fcking kill someone over the delays and the calls/fuck ups with that and her arthritis meds, op was cancelled twice already by people who didn't have the authority to (guy who did a medical who doesn't even work for the surgeon apparently cancelled one which delayed it a month as she lost her slot, even thoug
  14. Tbh a load of people me included have barely posted in the last year, the covid and Ashley beat down But that's going to change now 😂
  15. Naw was something after the last upgrade, some fecking arcade mod from before my time still had some properties in some unused table that wasn't letting the last part of sign up work because you couldn't pick something it needed in your profile. Fuck knows why it only happened after that last update
  16. The amount of "respect Steve Bruce" articles/posts by the likes of those football bible pages and such on Facebook that have came up on my feed is nuts. Talking about how much he did for villa and how he wasn't backed here, his record is fucking woeful how is this a shock anyone wants him gone.
  17. Usyk would have more chance than AJ (who fury would beat handily enough imo), he's a much better boxer, but don't think he's big enough tbh. Not sure what it'd be like tbh In entertainment terms i'm leaning towards it probably being drab with Usyk lacking the size to do any damage and range to pick him off while having to keep away from Fury so he can't lean all the weight on him. Either fury KOs him when he goes in close or they end up boring it out
  18. Watched it earlier, the state of him trying to get that last ditch 3pointer in the last second to bring the score back down to under 6 but still lose 😂
  19. Conte, even if he doesn't stick it for long you need someone like him early on to help get us established, to draw in some players who need the extra incentive. Pirlo likewise but less experienced, Get capello out of retirement
  20. ya wouldn't put it past him putting some stupid petty clause in as a final dig like when it comes to the advertising
  21. as I said to someone earlier when they asked how quick i want us to win something, tbh long as we're not in relegation fights every year i give no fucks, wee bit of hope and some overpaid mercenary talent will do so I actually enjoy watching us and it's not a total fucking chore.
  22. "Aye well you just bought your way into being competitive!!!" yup get it right up ye peasants
  23. Who is going to be our decent player but utter mercenary "Robhinio" signing then to open the flood gates for the other superstars to feel like joining
  24. I think we had it in late January early Feb 2020, maybe with me flying back and forth for brexit stuff who knows, The wee fella had a sore throat everyone thought was tonsillitis then he had bad stomach pains(which came out as a main symptom for kids months later), ended up in A&E doubled over with them at one stage then they thought it might abdominal migraines. Lasted about a month, at the same time me/suz had sore throats no other symptons, actually text one of my Dr mates asking him was tonsillitis contagious because we both felt dosed. Throat pain was odd mind felt like
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