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  1. General Random Conversation..

    like fuck that's how her day goes
  2. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    No it was in danger of them becoming more shite when they're meant to be a powerhouse in Italy and that was the reason for it We're past that point, we get any worse and we will be relegated, can hardly protest when we're going "ok" we're not expected to do any better than that
  3. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Milan fans boycotted games over how Berlusconi was running the club and the fact they might finish below 10th for the first time since the 90s in one game only a selection of fans went into the san siro to spell out "enough" but here we'll have the arguments about whether we should/shouldn't "it's my club i won't let him ruin it by noit going to matches" usual shit I know easy for a non-local fan like me to say but I'd 100% not be near a game while he's still there, and no mission i'd have a season ticket
  4. IT workers

    aye that's going make things worse.. antiviruses do on-access scanning as well as general filescans/monitoring running programs so when ones checking files, the other will be picking up that some program is checking files or whatever and will whine/check that etc, pick one. as above, something must be running to grind it all to a halt if it's only 12months old and she's not running anything other than standard user stuff but without seeing it couldn't tell. windows 10 has that refresh option in it now to put things back as if you've just turned it on for the first time (but retain your settings/files so not wiping it entirely) try that, if it's still fecked and you're not getting someone to have a proper look at it, back stuff up and do what ewerk said.
  5. still prefer the original score over it tbh, but might go catch this at the weekend
  6. Nintendo Switch

    if it was for me i'd 100% do that same like i did on the wii but for the wee fella it's not worth the hassle, and tbh I thought about getting one purely for zelda, but i wouldn't get the use of it tbh , especially as a mobile/on the go console. The tablet he has is grim despite being a pricey samsung one at the time, only 3-4 years old and stuck on android 4.0.1 where you can use sd cards but can't install apps to it so it;s pointless, no firmware/android updates for it available anywhere, the xda forums are just filled with people complaining about how they basically abandoned those models after promising to bring out 6.0 android updates for it at launch
  7. Nintendo Switch

    questions answered, if it could do that stuff (even the wii/wii-u had a browser) like the xbox has, ps4 + netflix youtube etc then tbh it would've covered his tablet needs and would've been ideal while giving him an upgrade on his DS. But it's what he'd get the use out of and tbh i think it'll be a tablet since now I know the switch is pure games really and he can use my xbox one as backup for anything else, I'd be all for hearing mario and zelda non stop as compared to dan-tdm, stampy cat or any of the other squeeky fecking youtubers they all listen to.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Seriously? Well it has minecraft i know that, but it doesn't even have an internet browser? that's a bit shite looks like might be better off with a new decent tablet and using my xbox one then
  9. Nintendo Switch

    looking at maybe getting the wee fella a switch for xmas, he's debating it or a tablet but looking at the price of the tablets that are capable of running minecraft/roblox and other games "well" they're £300 upwards anyway so the switch just seems a better idea. Whats internet browsing like? does it have apps like youtube with the ability to cast to mediacentres/chromecast?
  10. Venom - was alright and it's been lined up for a sequel, not the best but not the worst (struggles against the big budget avengers related stuff mind) Ant-Man and the Wasp - entertaining enough, quite funny etc (obviously if you don't like the comic book stuff you won't like these)
  11. Only in America

    Aye, poor fucking kid killed over a cinema ticket
  12. Politics

    we're more likely to be in a great position next april with a super deal than you lads being able to explain any of this to CT to the point where the penny drops.
  13. Politics

    I've been in some meetings with senior staff as far as brexit and the civil service goes for my department (because of the project I'm on being a fairly big hitter) and they haven't a fucking clue what is going to happen, it is likely to be treated like (as @ewerk might remember) the foot and mouth outbreak and business agricultural wise here will cease for at least a month, which is a huge deal, even a few hours outage for a market here has people going ballistic nevermind something like that
  14. Politics

    May's bizzare dancing to EU member Swedens supergroup abba, should've been George Formby
  15. Figured since we're getting an influx of new members recently an introductions thread might be of use! anyone new who wants to feel free to use it. use the following if you want (which i have completely ripped off from another forum as i'm utterly lazy) Real Name: Age: Birthplace: Whereabouts: Job: Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Favourite Food: Favourite Drink: Favourite Place: Favourite Tv Show(s): Favourite Film: Footballing Heroes: Footballing Villains: Other Teams: Other Sports: Role Model(s): Plans For The Future: 5 Things To Do Before You Die:
  16. Forum Upgrade

    Folks that time again where the forums need a fairly a major upgrade, which will happen tomorrow evening 7pm onward (ish, it's sunny so might be later). A few people have had access t the preview/test board and some preliminary work has been done. Things to note before then Tapatalk is going - the new version is fully responsive and shpuld be grand on any devices. One Skin - the light version won't be available for a while (will only affect a few people tbh) LOGINS This the important bit, the new version can only have a username or display name... so login with your current email or your display name after the change (or if you use facebook/twitter same diff) I can adjust these if people aren't happy afterwards but it's a choice for the upgrade i can't get around. any hassle can get me at ant[@]toontastic.net
  17. Precedent Trump

  18. Newcastle Match Worn shirts

    you realise this thread was last updated 10years ago like
  19. What are you reading?

    Must have a nosey, I liked into the wild but came to the conclusion of the latter opinions tbh Had watched some videos on YouTube with a lad who camps out in the arsehole of nowhere in Canada in freezing temps etc and it puts it properly into perspective just how much prep and knowledge is required to cover yourself for any problems
  20. The Boxing thread

    watched it again, GGG narrow win, but in no way could you give Canelo majority win there imo, A close fight, but not in Canelos favour imo, a draw at his best and GGG's worse Fighting in Nevada under golden boy, standing there with Hopkins and de lay hoya etc GGG won't get a decision without knock-downs/out
  21. have you not learnt anything (i know this is rhetorical) about how quickly the weight drops off when you start and the devil is in how you "try" maintain it?
  22. The Boxing thread

    Gotta wonder why he bothers with that glass jaw

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