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  1. the idea is to start off small, so it shows it works then hopefully have a tournament with all the clubs Bobby has managed entering it to raise as much as possible
  2. Ipswich? Make it Barcelona and I'll sign. why not ipswich, he's a hero down there like he is up here got alot of great feedback from the ipswich fan sites regarding this idea
  3. thats the idea, even if SJP only sells a 3rd the stadium like it does for pointless friendlies it is better than nothing
  4. I am currently starting a campaign to get an annual charity match between NUFC and ipswich town (instead of a pointless firnedly) with ALL the proceeds going to the SBR foundation i would greatly appreaciate it if member would sign the petition to show your support for this idea Online Petition I am currently building a website to accompany this, which hopefully be up and running properly tomorrow
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