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  1. Van Nistelrooy?

    Hahahahahahaha - classic!.....I totally agree mind
  2. Management Appointment

    well he probably had some hair! That's for sure
  3. Solano's Second Goal

    Bliddy WUMS! hahahahaha - nice to enjoy it though, isn't it for a change...like a breath of fresh air! Nice to be onboard! G'day Toase Good to see Nobby so full of desire! And top marks to Roeder! for putting the fire back in their bellys! It's a shame Owen isn't match fit now, if he was it would really put the icing on the cake and I want to keep it positive beacuse sucess breeds sucess and stops us all having palpitations Howay The Lads! The Inspiration : I wouldn't change it mate , what you have is class! ++++ (for what my opinion is) Great shots guys of Nobby's goal!

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