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  1. Just wondering has anyone got any spare invites?
  2. be a pro online is fun and im kind of obsesed with the tournements you can make yourself
  3. henri saviet probably know him get him around 5 mil first season and gets worth near 30mill in around 4th season and is a goal machine got me 41 goals in 50 games
  4. still feel fifa is better but the master league is amazing
  5. on the laptop so i dont have the image but i had a pre season match Newcastle V Carterton (where im from) 9-2 owen got 7 goals next time im onmy computer ill find it
  6. mr laneua he was our spanish teacher he called me a retard he got sacked 2 days later
  7. it looks great i did enjoy the euro game captain your country was good and also the goal celebrations
  8. saviet sign him as quick as you can he gets amazing in around 3 seasons
  9. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6jHEq5oGLXE funny football
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