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  1. Obertan Signs Five Year Deal

    I'd have him on loan for a season to see how he does, but the fact we need defenders and a striker the last thing we want is another midfielder.
  2. Barton signs for QPR

    Ashley must have good security the amount of people that want to punch fuck out of him!!
  3. The Twitter Thread

    It doesn't need Barton coming out with this to know it's going to be a long hard season!!
  4. Andy Carroll

    Maybe Duncan Shearer.
  5. Given signs for Man City

    Poor form. I would have valued him at closer to ten, and we know they're not short of a bob or two. How long did he have left on his contract? 2 1/2 years.
  6. Given signs for Man City

    I think Shay should have chose a better club than Man City, they are nearly as disorganised as us.

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