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  1. Cherno Samba was the business. His stats stayed shite but he was immense nonetheless.
  2. Dean Richards? I know he had injury problems though, how bad were they?
  3. Galway United. Went to college there. After being bottom almost all year they got out of the relegation zone for the first time last weekend, went up for the game, won 3-0. Pretty nice timing, as the season finishes tomorrow. If they win they stay up, and they're playing the team that have already finished bottom and are down. So reasonably confident. Managed by Jeff Kenna, incidentally.
  4. Agree with the OP. Geordies and Irish people only, everyone else can fuck off.
  5. Baptista would be a great signing, it'd kill to birds with one stone as well as he could play in midfield during Barton's suspension, or until we get another CM in as well. Fairly happy with the defensive options if Coloccini signs, but I think we're in real bother if we don't get in at least one other quality signing by the end of the window, either in midfield or up front.
  6. I was under the impression that Guthrie was bought as the eventual successor for Butt, and someone who could challenge him for that spot this season? Can only hope so, because as tidy a player as he appears to be his career thus far doesn't suggest he's much of a threat in the final third. The holding role would appear to be the way forward for him, and training alongside Butt to learn some of the finer points of that position from a defensive point of view can only help him.
  7. I love how we make one signing out of the blue and then everybody expects all our signings to be undetectable to the human eye from then on. I'd love this one to come off, he's vastly better than any of our CB's and has the metal to cut it in the Premiership. That said I can't bring myself to be excited about this at the minute. I just have a feeling that one way or another this just won't work out. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. Shak

    Joey Barton

    He may not be the most gifted passer of the ball, but what he does give you in CM is someone who's willing to try and play the tough ball rather than bottle it and go for the safe option. You need someone like that in the middle of the park rather than the Jenas' and Parker's of this world, who were either to cowardly or too much of a headless chicken to get the ball forward. Emre could have been a fine player, but he disappeared from games far too much to ever be reliable in any way in CM. Not to mention his horrible injury record.
  9. Agree with Ant, we need at least one really good signing who's going to noticeably imrove our team if we're gonna be any better next season. We probably need two or three tbh, but getting at least one in is imperative. Gotta love KK though, legend.
  10. Shak

    Joey Barton

    Unfortunately he's our best central midfielder right now so we kind of need him. Ideally we'd sign someone else for his role and get rid, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.
  11. That's a great price for Diouf, hes miles better than anything they've got in that position. Think the Mickems should be safe next year.
  12. Senderos would be a complete disaster here, really can't imagine there's much legs in that at all.
  13. Shak

    The Dark Knight

    Yeah, it's one of the best action films you're ever going to see. A lot of very good acting, not just from Ledger but Eckhart and Oldman too I thought were superb. Loved the ending too, finally a superhero film with some balls.
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