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  1. Everyone is welcome, trust me there are nutters on there, and they aint playing around. we have a ex junkie called absolute drivel who insults all toon fans every week. we all hate him and he gets alot of abuse,pleasesign up and rip into the junkie.
  2. Only mental people and nutters allowed on forum. so feel free if you like to have real freedom of speach.
  3. My mind says im dutch, my blood says im english Someone has attacked keegan on our board,please feel free to insult our members.
  4. Join the board my friends, we have gays,lesbians,murderers,pervs,nutters,racists and many many more of our great british people. we do not have any toon fans though, so please feel free to join, ANYTHING goes on that forum, so feel free to say you want mike ashley to die slowly.anything goes
  5. You can find me on the lesbian forum, please feel free to join, many lesbians on the forum, a welcome toon thread has been made. http://pplace.forumotion.com/chit-chat-f8/
  6. Anway im off to bed, its very late in holland. i wish all toon fans well and thanks for good welcome, i will inform our ajax hooligans to go easy on you if we ever meet in europe. I am not a hooligan and i don't condone violence. I wish you well with burning ashley and dennis alive. we dutch will be watching. good bless newcastle. maybe one day i pop in and see you all again, but if i get hit by a scooter, it was nice mettign you
  7. Is he that man england had as a manager, he is a laughing stock in holland. he now been forced out of england?
  8. Yes, but we don't have that fat man called andy gray. I hear he is a twat. is that right. we have a sexy lady called roberta hosting our football. She wears tight skirts and has big baps.
  9. What is a wum please? Is it a good thing, us dutch HATE those psv filth. We love to brick the away teams coach. does that happen in england
  10. My english very poor. But i try my best, hopefully i can live in england one day and bcome a toon. I hear you all love soccer and are passionate fans. You are all over holland news today. What time is dennis wise brunt at stake please
  11. Why you not believe me, dutch people are not liars. Whoever your future manger is, if he wants to win the league he must buy our superstar klass jan hunterlaar. He is heroe in holland and is better than dirk kunt and rpaist van persie. King klass hunterlaar, he is our kevin keegan in holland.
  12. Tis true,everyone is on drugs and randy, you are all welcome, i hear the toon fans love a party. My superman bed is calling me,so please hurry up. If you happen to be in holland one day, please feel free to taste our dutch women and our beer. It is very good and peace and love is all over those brothels.
  13. You are all welcome on a forum i am on. It is full of women and most love to talk dirty. Several are lesbians. I am happy to pass the friendly forum on if i am allowed. Peace and loves to all geordies
  14. Bad language is ot needed or welcome. Show some manners and respect. I am dutch and a kind person, we ajax fans promote love and peace only.
  15. Im not a mackem, im a ajax fan and slightly pissed
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