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  1. I go. Running down my season ticket after cancelling. When villa scored there was even a smattering of applause for it in the east stand library. This was classic Toon. Playing to level of opposition and then unable to lift themselves when villa and the conditions both caused problems When Thauvin came on his main impact was in commiting fouls and breaking up Toon play. Why we ditched Cabella for him is a mystery to me.
  2. 2 ST holders not going. Wish there was a way of turning the empty seats a different colour so they stand out.
  3. So despite what they said on the phone they are sticking to the t&c deadline of last Fri. I Can't just cancel direct debit for reasons I won't bore you with. The mackem match was the catalyst but it's been brewing a long time for the reasons that others have already covered. I was as miserable as fuck after sending the cancellation email. But I am sicker of feeling shafted by the regime and that ain't going away. Neither will I by the look of things.
  4. Phoned club yesterday. Was told they wld still accept cancellation for next season. Emails cancelling our 4 season tix went yesterday afternoon. Got an email back today saying the deadline has passed. Haggling continues
  5. Shocking second half. Players lit a cigar at half time. Lots of below par performances. Anita did better than most and the only one to acknowledge crowd at the end. Remy looks great. Is debuchy really better than Simpson? The only bright spot is the meltdown down the road
  6. We went and enjoyed it. Had fun trying to work out who was who under the grey hair and seeing what kind of nick they were in. Surprised that Barton got among the biggest chant of the night. Almost choked when the Speed lads came on. Still we lost on penalties. And grudging credit to Di Canio for being up for being the panto villain
  7. I'm a supporter not a soopafan and don't reckon what I did compromises that. Christ we've watched some shite this season but I (still) don't boo the team, only the ref and opposition and like I said, I'd never walked out early before. Tbh it was the combination of anger at Debuchy's idiotic 2nd yellow and the sixth goal tipped it for me. Snap decision. That's it. The drinking to forget only started after a miserable drive home. And failed. Give it a couple of matches and I'll be back complaining about the 85th minute early leavers again without any hint of irony.
  8. I used to complain about the early leavers. Then I walked out early for the first time after the sixth Liverpool goal went in. They didn't bother. Why the f*ck should I? And it meant I could start drinking to forget earlier.
  9. I still tend towards the "heart of a pea" camp, but after today's efforts have started wondering whether it's all been down to a psychological fear of getting injured again. He provided more attacking options than Cabaye today but still needs to learn about the teamwork thang.
  10. (to the tune of "Get out of this club") We know what you are, You said what you are. De Canio's a fascist, so that's what you are
  11. Please let him on a night out with Nile!
  12. I've been using a handed-down "Spong No 2" burr grinder for years; comes out dandy. It's hand cranked, so it takes about 5 mins to noisily grind 4 scoopfuls, but it's been part of my Saturday morning ritual for years now and there's nowt better than freshly ground coffee. More generally the consensus seems to be that burr grinders are better at the job and produce a tastier result than the whizzy electric ones with blades that work like food blenders and effectively chop the beans up Pumphreys in the Grainger Market do Mocha Matarri, which is our regular strong weekend coffee and m
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