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  1. Lol YTF do we need a goal keeper??? Harper being asked to leave.. too much wages? Sign FGS!!
  2. Hopefully he signs... and now we MUST get a striker... off load Best and Ranger. Keep Love as tbh the guy can score when in a decent position and I see him getting more goals coming off the bench than the above two!.. Then hopefully Ba will get some match fitness - liked the shot he took that skimmed off the Fulham bar - maybe a sign of what he can do.. Then we need to start playing "Sexy football"
  3. I wouldn't say "the best"..but he is up there in the top 5.. apart from that I agree with everything.. but would also add ... at least he damn well puts in 100% every damn game... as did Nolan..
  4. Quote of the season from 5 live.. "These are Premiership players"... HAHAHAHAH who?? Colo... ??? oh yeah don't worry he'll be gone by nxt season.
  5. Just watched the Joey "falling over" incident again.. nice to see Saylor playing the role of Judge and Jury.. I think he managed to do more running during those few minutes than I have seen him do for a while.. went to see the ref.. then Joey.. then the linesman and then back to the ref again. I do like him in the team..
  6. My point really is that we don't appear to have any threats.. There is little to offer up front and a void past our midfield to their goal. I hope Ba shows more than he did today..or indeed we actually look like attempting to score.. Arsenal or not you don't get 3 pts unless you score and I can't see it happening. As you've pointed out .. Arsenal are on of top 4.. the other 3 won't be so kind - they should have scored today and unless i missed it I didn't really see us getting in a position of actually looking close..and.. home form is vital. So I take it Krul is No 1 then?
  7. ... 1 shot on target for the whole game.. 5 off target.. and we were at home.. So is the master plan to draw every game? We're screwed if we go 1 down..
  8. Not a surprise.. but still gutted.. can see the left hand side being a problem area now.. tho Jonas does play left back for country sometimes.. so maybe an option is to play him LB with one of our million midfielders out of position on the left.. Loved the fact we could open teams up from the left and never doubted his commitment in the shirt which was good to see.. I can see Liverpool being a good team to watch.. bid mad that from Sept to Xmas we were ahead of them last season.. no longer.. Was more dissapointed with the AC move tbh as he always piped on about "being a local lad"..
  9. Good luck .. signed.. would offer M Ashley as a buyer.. but won't wish that on anyone!
  10. Gutted.. seeing Carroll running away from scoring 2 goals.. what a Muppet we have running our club at the moment.. 35mill.. when he left us for Liverpool we were 3 pts behind them.. now look at us. I reckon he has a good chance of becoming number 1 at Liverpool for some years yet.. and yet again we are resigned to "we could have had.." Ashley your an idiot not to see it.
  11. Erm - anyone considered that Pardew see's something in Ireland that we don't? "He can create chances for others and score goals himself, and we think he can be a big factor for us in the second part of this season.".. Sell C(liverpool No9) and put Ireland up front??
  12. OMFG! We sell a young Geordie at heart, who can hold the ball up, score from free kicks/corners, has a decent "bad" foot and can run with the ball for..... ...... old dross! We could have gone above Liverpool if we win our game in hand - and instead our board are more interested in grabbing the quick money! I wonder how much he'd be worth if we get relegated at the end of the season because we have not scored enough goals! We're a selling club - mid table to yo-yo club lets face it. I can't believe that the scum down the road will in effect be making more progress this transfer w
  13. Link would be appreciated too please.. mail me
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