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  1. Through all the years of inconsistency with different managerial regimes, boards, players etc one thing remains the same - The unrealistic expectations of the fans Yes I know we're the greatest fans the world has ever seen blah blah blah but for fucks sake give the bloke a chance & give him our support at least until the end of the season.
  2. I was born in St Mary's hospital Newcastle Upon Tyne, my folks were from the Toon but I've lived away for the last 18 years. Now, what would be really good would be if the players for ANY club had to be born within a 20 mile radius of the ground. THEN WE MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING !
  3. Supermac v's Stoke, 1975 in the pissing rain - fuckin magic man
  4. I think he's a decent bloke who puts his own point of view (bit like mesel)
  5. frap frap frap Thats the biggest dildo I've ever seen (& I don't mean the gun)
  6. As long as its paid for privately I couldn't give a f*ck !" No one subsidises my entertainment.
  7. - They all play(ed) for Spurs ?
  8. in order of pusillanimity? 1. Hall Jnr 2. Freddie Shepherd. 3. Ruud Gullitt 4. Lord Westwood. 5. KK (when he sacked Ray Wilkins at Fulham)
  9. .........not me personally but that was the general reaction of Toon fans in general when "Geordie" Mike turned up in the Away section wearing a black 'n' white shirt, pot gut & a big grin. All he had to do was play Jack the Lad & he had everyone kissing his @rse ..........especially when he brought the "Messiah" back, and then he well & truly f*cked things up big style when he appointed Dennis (not so) Wise & things went rapidly down hill. Listen, I've got nowt against KK, he was great in his day both as a player & a manager but, lets face it, he's well past his "sell
  10. Totally agree, I bet most of the f*ckers have never been across the Tyne bridge
  11. In order of magnanimity my top 10:- 1. Bobby Robson 2. Alan Shearer 3. Bob Moncur 4. Peter Beardsley 5. Joe Harvey 6. Sir John Hall 7. Arthur Cox 8. Jackie Milburn. 9. Supermac. 10. Terry McDermott.
  12. Ruud Gullit Graeme Souness Glenn Roeder Sam Allardyce. Please - defend these managers and tell me where they would have took us at their optimum level of performance. I was there in 1982 against QPR when Keegan struck the ball & "the crowd sucked it in to the net" I followed the Toon home & away & shared in the magic of the Keegan years. I followed the toon when KK was manager & saw some of the most exciting & adventurous football I've ever seen. I was there for the "messiah's" return this year & - you know what - I sensed then something
  13. Why do some people have to be aggressive & abusive just because they disagree with someone's posts. Personally I think its a sign of limited intelligence & inferiority complex. The use of course terms for genitalia & bodily orifices indicates someone with an inferiority complex in the sexual arena - OR PERHAPS HE JUST HAS A SMALL PENIS ? []
  14. Does it matter who owns the Toon...????? I'm old enough to remember when it was Pirate Westwood, Stan Seymour & McKeagg, then we had the Halls, then Freddie Shepherd & now Mike Ashley & "sack the board" was chanted at every one of them. Christ - we even got rid of Bobby Robson ! Now where going to get a bunch of Nigerians or an Arab Sheikh. Fundamentally there is something wrong with Newcastle which means we've had zero success in nearly 40 years. I put it down to a lack of long term planning & the desire for instant success. We need owners who are here
  15. You'll have to catch me first !
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