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    Not being a fan of Newcastle it is the best show in town watching an entire city delude themselves. It is time you all opened your eyes, you have got what you deserve...nothing. You bang on ad nauseum about how you are a big club. Wake up! You are not, you are a tiny club. You haven't won anything since Adam was a Lad. The only person that anyone outside Newcastle feels sorry for is Ashley. Unlike the rest of you he at least put his money where is mouth was but the "City of Ingrates" could only mewl and puke. Pathetic! You should all feel thoroughly ashamed at your behaviour toward him you spiteful, ungrateful morons. Then, to cap it all you hail Kevin Keegan who, it is obvious to all, is intellectually and emotionally incapable of managing a top flight football club. Actually, thinking about it Newcastle is perfect for him, perhaps he will come back when you get to where you deserve to be, the Second Division. But there is still more, you want Shearer! Do you all want to be relegated to an amateur league? By the way, I suppose it is typical but your web site mis-spells. This in England so please correct it to spell English please.

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