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  1. Decision time for Ashley. Decent chance we will be in the bottom 3 after we've played Man Utd and Wolves. 

    We then have a run of winnable games, albeit missing our only goalscorer. Perfect time to get a new manager bounce

    Following that we play Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester, Man City. Sheff Utd and Fulham are our last 2 games of the season but Fulham could quite easily be 6 points above us by then. 

    If we get tonked tomorrow I reckon Ashley will blink and Bruce will be gone

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  2. 19 hours ago, Tom said:

    Another messiah down the road is it? :lol: 

    Aye, the haven't learned from the Stewie love in. A 24 year old chairman with zero self made money and a rich dad. What could go wrong? 

    The difference between Sunderland challenging for the playoffs and Sunderland being bottom half material is a Charlie Wyke purple patch. If he gets injured they are fucked

  3. 10 hours ago, essembeeofsunderland said:

    They love mentioning their Co Durham heritage.One makem on rtg said he still puts Co Durham,not Tyne and Wear, when he writes his sunlun address.Take away Palace Green in Durham City and the county has basically got nowt going for it.Scruffy pit villages and not one decent beach.No wonder their players ,when they can afford it,live nowhere near sunlun or Co Durham.

    Aye, the Durham Dales are a total eyesore 

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  4. 4 hours ago, David Kelly said:

    Aye unfortunately my ex missus is from over there so I went out with the bairn for a walk along the coast at Roker and they've put a bit of money into that area and it really is quite decent most of the way along to South Shields.  And actually there is some areas just outside the town centre on south side that quite nice too (before you get up to pennywell or pallion obviously), but the town centre itself is a fucking cesspit.

    Aye the promenade at Roker is nice now, and there's a new stack further up too. Love Lily's is lush if your'e a fat bastard like me and like your cakes

  5. 28 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

    I thought we were canny shit second half, you just had ASM going past people for a bit of excitement.

    We were hopeless. 


    The amount of passes across the back line and back to keeper when we needed a goal was criminal. Shelvey is done as a top level player. I'm at a loss at to why Matty Longstaff doesn't get a game when he's got a bigger engine than any other CM in the squad

  6. 1 hour ago, ewerk said:

    Sadly I think that thread has been lost over the passage of time but charvski either had a hell of a life or a hell of an imagination.


    Also, that thread reminded me that we never did see a pic of the Norwegian pornstar that @Kid Dynamite was fucking.

    I might have been stretching it calling her a "porn star" tbh :lol: She was in a couple of Norwegian amateur porn films 


    True story though. She worked for Disney in one of the theme parks when I spent 6months over there. Ended up going to a party with her and a few of her mates, did the dirty after and she whipped out a box full of DVD's from under her bed and signed one to give me. 


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