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    went to durham last night, jesus wept, a whole different breed of student altogether! never seen so many gillets and fleeces in all my life! it was like the prince william look alike convention FFS
  2. 'no woman, no cry' Do the manly thing and make her mind up for her, say if the choice is that hard then not to bother. 90percent chance shel come running. if not at least you still got your pride and balls intact! i was always chasing after little bitches (nee offence) as a kid who just messed me about constantly and then i realised there is no better feeling at a time like this than affirmative masculine action off telling them to get stuffed. vast majority are just snakes with tits mate! ps. can you tell i just saw a lass i was meetin pulling someone else, slag! but now she is crying and i got a big happy smile on my face!
  3. The major problem is that when we see the crime alot of us react angrily and want revenge. The law should not be about revenge, it should prioritise prevention and then cure. I think too many Daily Mail readers would be more appalled at the thought of those young offenders benefitting from their crime than they would be concerned about the crime itself. 43673[/snapback] how exactly do you cure cuntism? its not possible, hasnt been since the beginning of time thats why we have always had rapists, serial killers, child abusers etc. some people are just fucked up! everyone knows the law and knows that they should behave. if they dont they face the consequences!
  4. totally agree, im pretty left wing on most things but when it comes to crime and punishment zero tolerance is the way to go. just look at NYC over the last ten years as a proven example. look at sunderland to see exactly where the softly softly approach has gone wrong.
  5. on a slightly less sarky note, why the hell did we sign him, hes never going to actually play in a meaningful game, he might get a run out in the carling cup but all hes doing is stopping kids from the academy getting a game if we have an injury crisis. i know its not his fault, hed be daft to say no to free money but we are probably spending upwards of 1mil on his wages and to tbh id rather see that money spent buying hughes back who is a better player!
  6. thats exactly why its only a rumour aqd would never actually happen
  7. Can i just say to Mr Souness and Shepherd, if you want to pay a crap player to sit on your bench for a year and pick up his wages and maybe have a couple of run outs for the reserves before being released next summer, i am willing to do it for 20percent less than Mr Moore. thankyou
  8. story of the years new album. not a patch on their old one!
  9. your never allowed to tell a joke on here again!
  10. always been dubious of these newspaper ad type phone deals. just got a basic deal off orange. 12months, 100anytime mins and 500 texts £25. can upgrade to 200 free mins for £30 a months should i need them. and i got a new phone to play with
  11. download VSO DivXtoDVD off www.download.com. takes about an hour to convert but guaranteed it will work
  12. Treat this rather lovely young lady at my hospital last week!
  13. cheers! you reckon its worth paying an extra 5 a month to get it insured?
  14. how do you do screen shots to prove your scores?
  15. 664...suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. getting a new phone tomorrow, anyclues as to which is best at the minute. im thinking its between Sony Ericsson K750i and Motorola V3. the motorola looks better but doesnt have a video camera on, but dont like the look of the little joystick on the ericsson. i know its not really important and they both ring people etc.... but has anyone got either one?
  17. almost certain the old geordie in the bar in LA is brian johnson of ac/dc
  18. errrm does that apply to ALL southerners on here? and are you now the spokesperson for this forum? Or was it just a sweeping statement? 42354[/snapback] It was intended to get a bite out of him but to be fair to him he saw through it. unlike you 42363[/snapback] like you just bit? 42384[/snapback]
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