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  1. Alan Smith

    The worst striker in Premiership history surely with his scoring record. He was also pretty ineffective in the midfield holding role. So why on Earth did Allardyce fork out 6m for him/
  2. Joe Kinnear named new manager

    At Forest he often claimed to have reduced our debt by 25m despite only adding to the wage bill while here, he spouts a LOT of BS. He also labelled the Forest fans morons and evil when they criticised him while we were languishing in the bottom 3.
  3. Joe Kinnear named new manager

    I am a Forest season ticket holder and thought I would give you my thoughts on Kinnear. When he came into us we were 22nd in the Championship wihout a win in 14 games or even a goal in 6- from his appointment out of 17 games his record was: Won 8 Drawn 7 Lost 2 A very impressive turn around. He was a fantastic short term appointment. However the following season it went horribly wrong- he signed some garbage players and the team started woefully unfit. By the time he lft us in early December we were firmly rooted in the bottom 3 and went onto be relegated. He may well have a positive short term effect on you but thank your lucky stars this is only an interim appointment. All the best for tomorrow and the rest of the season!

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