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  1. The CIA coup in Ukraine is the biggest pile of shite ever spun in Western media. I remember my brother furious at it all after all the links about it on chemtrail.id.iot or whatever it is. The evidence presented was a tapped phone call between 2 lowly European Parliament advisors who may have said something which contradicted the official story about where shots were fired from on one of the days of protest. This was presented by the Russians (who did the tapping) as proof that the official line was not true. This is what the Russians want you to believe, that Ukraine is on the brink of s
  2. There was no CIA coup in Ukraine, you have just swallowed every inch of Putin's propaganda cock like every other muppet on DavidIcke.com
  3. Borscht in the White House instead. Fuck the Russians, all states act like cunts but Putin is a murdering dictator who suppresses free speech and runs the country as a fiefdom. When you are choosing between imperialist forces, there is obviously not that much of a choice but to not be able to understand the real differences, well the only thing to say to that is go fucking live there and see how you like it.
  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/russian-interference-could-give-courts-legal-authority_us_584be136e4b0151082221b9c Clinton's lead in the popular vote now 2.8 million.
  5. from here http://www.economist.com/news/europe/21711538-1930s-moscow-beacon-international-movement-russian-propaganda?fsrc=scn/fb/te/bl/ed/russianpropagandaisstateoftheartagain
  6. With Normandy, you're probably best booking a few decent B&Bs or 3/4 star hotels in the good towns. If you come from Calais, i'd go. Etretat - Picturesque village / town with massive cliffs, nice walks Deauville - Posh seaside resort, has a film festival. Loads of parisians have their 'maison secondaire' there. Cabourg - Just as nice as Deauville but cheaper, might be a good place to base yourself to explore the coast between Le Havre and Bayeux Bayeux - Decent carpet Brittany is not somewhere i know as well. I would recommend going to somewhere like St Malo but the best spots
  7. Good reply and sums it up well. I think where we diverge is on this last point. Taken independently with no context, just based on the evidence i would agree we should be sceptical. However, we live in reality and in the throes of Russian imperialistic policy in the middle east, eastern Europe and China. We know they hack for political purposes, both sides do that. Lots of people are saying they did the DNC hacks, as i said, first principles, common sense whatever you want to call it points to Guccifer 2.0 being a Russian government hacker.
  8. Everyone who thinks they should criticise the west based on propaganda from Russia. I'd estimate half of Facebook, so roughly 500 million people.
  9. The things that narks me is that all of this is set against a carefully spun narrative from Russia on US aggression in Ukraine and Syria. A message that has incidentally massive support amongst people who follow David Icke and the like, the alternative thinkers, the conspiracists, who have been targeted by Russia in the only part of their war which is truly 'soft'. The rest of it is hard as nails and they have used the split in the West's thinking on the West's own policy to undermine support and have ruthlessly and deliberately exploited the lack of trust in the US and the West since Iraq.
  10. No idea if what you two posted was meant to argue against Russian interference. Am fine if the answer is yes because the US interfered in theirs. Am not fine with the 'the Clintons had strategic engagement with Russia' so somehow it's fine for the US and the world to be manipulated by Russian hackers and propagandists.
  11. That's got nothing to do with the subject under discussion as far as I can tell. Which is Russian interference. If true, Russian hacking and interference in an election for a candidate who has extensive links to Russian business interests is more troubling than a 'rapprochement' under Obama. But that's not the point.
  12. Trump saying that the idea is ridiculous also funnily enough points to them being involved.
  13. Common sense says they were involved, decades of KGB interference says they were involved, Fancy Bears says they were involved, the 1000 plus propaganda force deployed on western website operating out of St Petersburg says they were involved, The Trump campaigns troubling and deeply compromised relationship with Russia says they were involved, the CIA and the DNC say they were involved. Literally everything that is happening in Syria shows just one example of the extraordinary importance of Trump's win for Russia, a win in a 2 horse race in a country that has defined itself in soft or hard opp
  14. Also has a very strong vested interest in denying Russian involvement.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/dec/11/google-frames-shapes-and-distorts-how-we-see-world
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/10/cia-concludes-russia-interfered-to-help-trump-win-election-report Do you believe it HF?
  17. You should read the article as although all those points are relevant, the targeted messaging on Facebook with memes designed to elicit an emotional response from CA and their Republican Hedge fund backers is the darkest shit i've come across. The Globalists are still in charge, they've just fooled everyone into thinking they are anti-establishment. The greatest trick the devil ever played etc....
  18. The eyesight on this forum is definitely declining.
  19. Soundtrack also featured an updated version of the immense Hoppipola
  20. How ironic that you used to say that you were looking for the truth I dont know if it heralds a worsening of the world or its just more bullshit, time will tell. Did you read the article that Gloomy posted about Cambridge Analytica, OCEAN scores and Facebook manipulation? I thought you would have been all over that.
  21. I dont think thats true and not in such volume and with not with the same circulation. Its a coming together of social media, populism, financial crisis, immigration and clueless millennials. Actually i dont think that last one is fair, quite a few of my mates believe in utter gibberish nowadays about food etc.
  22. Not the worst thing you've called me tbf.
  23. https://sheg.stanford.edu/upload/V3LessonPlans/Executive%20Summary%2011.21.16.pdf Evaluating Information: The cornerstone of civic online reasoning. Stanford University. "When we began our work we had little sense of the depth of the problem. We even found ourselves rejecting ideas for tasks (kids are asked to evaluate very simple evidence and websites) because we thought they would be too easy. Our frst round of piloting shocked us into reality. Many assume that because young people are fuent in social media they are equally savvy about what they fnd there. Our work shows the opposit
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