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  1. Apple Music

    Advantage Apple? Sounds good.
  2. Pizzagate & Fake News

    Anyone else been following this? Mental stuff. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5b1qtf/comet_ping_pong_pizzagate_summary/ or http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-38156985
  3. Recommend me something to watch!

    Loved the twist back to reality in the last episode and then the final scene twists again, casting doubt / belief back into the audience. Well written, can see a second season if they want to.
  4. Recommend me something to watch!

    Up to episode 7 of The OA. It's oddball but got me hooked.
  5. Toontastic end of year awards 2016

    You negroni-sipping shithouse
  6. Syria

    You said social healthcare not universal and giving workers who cant afford healthcare, access to care was the first major step in Europe. The SHI v NHS systems are essentially the same apart from the extent of entitlement and importantly the German SHI mechanism was the inspiration for the leftist universal agenda.
  7. Jonjo Shelvey

    Might use that one.
  8. Syria

    Brits werent the pioneers of social healthcare, that was Bismark in the 1880s. A perfect example of why confirmation bias renders perceptions of media bias in the public completely unhelpful.
  9. Aye, it sounded like she expected people in retirement to live on cruise ships half the year. Am thinking 30% would be fine.
  10. I went to see a financial planner, she reckoned people should aim for about 60 to 80% of their final income as their pension income. Seems reasonable until you think hang on, no kids, no mortgage, your own assets, savings obviously. How much do you actually need to be able to live comfortably? Is that what people aim for? All depends what you earn but it seems a lot given how much less you should need to spend.
  11. Bindipper is a good new nickname.
  12. Syria

    Right Am a bit slow today. It was the comparison across countries, i do know the french press very well and i would say their nationalistic, chauvinistic instinct is as deep as our media's.
  13. Syria

    I agree, that was the point i wanted to make. However, its so subjective its not really comparable across countries.
  14. Syria

    Because people's cognitive processes are dominated by heuristic bias. Therefore a study which assesses bias is flawed without adequate control.
  15. Syria

    Not sure what you mean. You can't ask biased people to assess bias was my point. What's yours?
  16. Syria

    Virtually meaningless as its based on perceptions and it would be impossible to control that study properly. Its at best directional.
  17. Syria

    Its a good reflection but it misses the important distinction between coverage before the war and during the war. I think by the time the war had started the BBC had been beaten into submission by the government and its independence undermined.
  18. Gigs 2019

    Would have loved one for that but was stone cold sober, not even a beer beforehand. Glad of it too, was a stunning gig, visually and musically brilliant.
  19. Syria

    You could even argue that privately controlled media at least allows for a divergence of interests. State controlled media, the default setting outside the west, is inherently skewed and manipulated. In theory a government can't control a private media. Also the BBC did try and stop the Iraq war, Andrew Gilligan lost his job after the Hutton report accused him of misrepresenting the evidence. Dr Kelly lost his life in the whole debacle and Channel 4 were strong critics of the basis for war. I and a million other people marched in London against that war based upon what we had heard and read in the "MSM".
  20. Turkey

    Dead apparently
  21. Turkey

    Has to be false flag, how could anyone be angry with the Russians?
  22. Gigs 2019

    Ludovico Einaudi tonight.
  23. Turkey

    Surely you blame the MSM for this Ray?
  24. Syria

    People believe what they want, even intelligent people like Parky deride the media and then without a hint of irony say 1 in 50 articles are truthful. That sort of bizarre tautology just shows how inept people are at filtering nonsense. Russian propaganda was always at work, it's just become more effective due the real MSM, the Internet and social media. Also people are now willfully stupid due to their insatiable consumption of social media. I despair when I look around me at morons instagramming, facebooking, snapchatting and tweeting everything. The role of information has also changed, we are now becoming producers of media not just consumers which means that our relationship with the truth is changing too.
  25. Syria

    It's not just staggering, it's willfully stupid. As if the fucking Iranians aren't playing for oil and power. The phrase MSM was invented to undermine trust in the only media in the world with a semblance of independence. Let's face it, what sort of shit journalist thinks 'I want to report the truth but I don't want to reach the masses'? An ineffectually stupid one.

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