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  1. She suggested I did...I think there had been a lot of drink taken that night...
  2. No, she didn't bring that nonsense into the boudoir... There was a moto gp lass who did suggest a curly black wig à la the old Valentino Rossi though
  3. Everytime I see see NFL on the TV I think of her ... I was young(er)...foolish, crazy...on the piss in Newcastle regularly... yeah...
  4. It's my firmly held assertion that the vast majority of NFL fans in the UK are currently between the ages of 50 & 65 and were thus reasonably young people in the 80s when channel 4 screened one live game a week, obviously on one of only four TV channels the nation had access to. An ex girlfriend of mine falls into this age category and was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, in addition to being a phenomenal sexual athlete. Not sure if the two things are connected but there you go
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/liz-truss-australia-private-jet-flight-b2001692.html
  6. "What do you call a small Kangaroo?" "Wallaby" "Thanks I'll have a McEwans export"
  7. We quite often used it too... I distinctly remember one new years day game I was rough as a badgers ring piece until we got there and I drained an utterly beautiful pint of scotch after which I felt fuckin fabulous....then it was straight on to the more hard-core McEwan's 80/- that they did there as well 🤪
  8. Did you work behind the bar in the Trent?...
  9. Was Blyth tory when he was born or whilst he was growing up there?
  10. Aah...this has the fingerprints of Steve Nickson all over it....he was responsible for Joelinton joining NUFC, we've fruitlessly chased another one of this agent's clients for a month and now there's an alternative with the same agent. That stinks of the way Graham Carr operated tbh....the temp DoF jacked before a dish was washed leaving a pair of novices to be be exploited in a area where they know about as much as I do.... I suggested in late December this window was a potential dogs dinner of competing agendas and amateurism but I was shouted down by the self appointed fuckin head boy of this forum... I'll say now what I said then, perhaps he'll listen this time... ITS NOT FUCKIN FOOTBALL MANAGER
  11. The likes of this deal may happen...a negotiating position taken on Tuesday may change the closer it gets to midnight on Monday...
  12. Hes injured...so are Willock and Joelinton...you did take note of who came on for Lascelles on Saturday?? 😬
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