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  1. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Almiron, Shelvey and ASM all out injured. Atsu, Longy with Gayle in the middle with Joelinton wider
  2. Politics

  3. Politics

    I watched that last night. The postie fuckin eviscerated the cunt who’s never done a days graft in his life Labour have lost the last four elections. 3 different leaders, all very different. I know which direction they should go in now but I doubt that they will. I think it’s 1979 all over again.
  4. Politics

    Agreed. To me, she was another of them who'd never left the 6th form common room, packed full of principle & passion but no discernible common sense or political acumen. Trouble is they want a woman and if Momentum & Unite/CWU keep their strangle hold on the party it'll be Long Bailey who's another one. Tough for Tom, I've often toyed with getting involved with local Labour but I'm too much of s cynical bastard to believe in other people to any great extent when it comes to politics. I admire anyone who gives that much of a toss 👍
  5. Politics

    Kensington went to the Tories too not sure if that includes Notting Hill? Sam Gymah played a massive Grenfel card the faux Tory cunt in the full knowledge he was never going to win the seat himself.
  6. Politics

    No shes out
  7. Politics

    Durham Miner's Gala for the next 5 years held in a Tory held constituency beggars belief
  8. Politics

    Of all the things I wasn't looking forward to this morning the gleeful ramblings of a smug plastic jock was quite low on the list to the point of I wasn't really expecting it. So thanks for that
  9. Politics

    Is Mrs ewerk about as pleased with you posting on here as mines was when we were in Oz on the 24th June 2016?..tbf it was the current Mrs PLs birthday...
  10. Politics

    You, my dear old thing, may be interested to know that the NZ capital Wellington is sat there on the South Island and in my opinion is the greatest drinking city on the face of the planet
  11. Politics

    Wrong island
  12. Politics

    The swing to the Brexit Party in the north east will make Farage exceedingly happy....it’s making me fuckin nauseous....
  13. Politics

    Nice I’m off to live with @Andrew for a decade
  14. Politics

    where have you been?
  15. Politics

    Nigel Dodds looks like losing his seat to Sinn Féin’s John Finucane, who’s father was murdered by the UDA in collusion with the RUC
  16. Politics

    At least 10% swings to Tory/Brexit across the northeast by the looks of it
  17. Politics

    Mackem cunt
  18. Politics

    They wanted a brexit that they plainly knew was impossible in NI. They were the biggest unicorn believers. Their electorate knew and voted against it. Feel sorry for them but not the fuckin UDA drag act
  19. Politics

    itv have Osborne and Balls. Ed Balls is there too.
  20. Politics

    They'll be thinking of re forming my old man's old regiment, The Kings Own FURIOUS BASTARDS
  21. Politics

    Scotland need permission for a referendum and Gove has just ruled it out..it's not happening..
  22. Politics

    Gove on ITV I'm going to bed
  23. Politics

    Change of mood...
  24. Politics

  25. Politics


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