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  1. Maradonna was injured in the semi v Belgium in 86 so was a bit off his game in the final iirc
  2. Wasn’t there a load of “fan reps” who ditched their season tickets before Ashley left and were bitching on about ticket issues as soon as PIF bought the club? Are you suggesting they magically regained their STs? 🤔
  3. Is this your Twitter account Gemmill?
  4. Hancock wants to continue to be famous and to keep bringing in the money that comes with that. He’s probably somewhere on the psycho spectrum. Most normal people would’ve morally perished from utter shame if they’d acted the way he did in office
  5. I don’t think stats are nonsense, but saying “mbappe’s xG is 18.674” without any other comparison or context is bollocks. I fully understand it, I just don’t need to revert to stats to make a point or back up an opinion. I don’t mind being proved wrong with stats, but my good friend Dave hasn’t managed to do it yet Am sure he could, he’s right in some cases that the eyes do indeed lie, but when the best strikers always have a high xG it just reinforces to me that that particular indicator is the indicator of fuck all in isolation
  6. We’re scoring more goals and letting fewer in
  7. Here @The Fish have you read this? Assuming you have access to TA?…good read https://theathletic.com/3616674/2022/12/05/scouting-world-cup-qatar/?source=user_shared_article
  8. Fernandes looking to take on the mantle of the biggest fuckin fanny in football from his fuckin mate
  9. Oh dear Fab He didn’t know where his header that led to the corner was going either….
  10. Yeah she might have been the tokin Moroccan..
  11. Can anyone tell me who the lass is with Joe Cole & Laura Woods? Oh and that Welsh fucker too…
  12. 1.10 Miller & Hansen running into each other 40 yards from their area = goal tbf the defending for all 4 goals was abysmal . 1982 this…
  13. We’ve got them 3rd January…🤔
  14. Sharp was fuckin useless throughout i throughout . Suffered from lack of service like all Scottish strikers of the 80s but still….was great for his club, another common issue back then…
  15. Widely rumoured that Dalglish took the huff because Fergie left Hansen out of the squad. Hansen had a habit of pulling out of squads under Jock Stein, on one occasion walking off the training pitch with barely a word and going back to Liverpool for treatment on some “injury”… Stein wouldn’t have taken him and Fergie followed suit, David Narey went instead. Hansen only got 27 caps whilst he was undoubtedly one of the best defenders in Europe for a decade. Reading between the lines I reckon he just didn’t have the passion for it, and tbf he’s never really complained. Ferguson was always going to pick Miller and McLeish his Aberdeen boys anyway. Souness was Fergie’s skipper and he’s very complimentary about GS in his first book. Scotland needed to beat Uraguay to go through but despite playing against 10 men for 85 mins drew nil nil 😞
  16. 1990-96… I have no recollection of it all but I was 21-27 so I think Friday night tv wasn’t high on my to do list tbh… https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098780/
  17. Its on Channel 4 every morning about 0645 if you like me can’t stick to mawkish pigswill that is UK breakfast tv. I much prefer radio in the mornings but I am “democratically” outvoted 1 to nil on that one by the current Mrs PL
  18. Not only a great footballer…. FUCKING YES DENZIL 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
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