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  1. This journo with 145 followers seems very sure of what he’s saying
  2. Lynch v Jenrick, no fuckin contest
  3. Youre taking my comments somewhat out of context there my dear old oriental rodent chopper type person….am not terrifically keen on listening to others opinions on a game I’ve just watched myself but an historical chat about something 30 odd years ago is fine… am obviously not going to listen to the jumped up fame-hungry fuckin strap ons out of principle but their choice of content is fine with me
  4. Are you suggesting that the leading members of the trust had all knocked it in the head before lockdown?
  5. Trump lost the popular vote twice in the US. There’s always hope. However Gemmil is largely right about the tactics that Labour must use. The RW press will have to properly turn against not only Johnson but the cabinet & Tory party in general though. That’s the key, making that happen. And only the tories can do that to themselves…if power is achieved with or without the LDs, then the new government can start introducing truth back into political life again…..Brexitism won’t go away though , just like Trumpism hasn’t…
  6. This signing suggests we’re maybe going to walk before we can run in that regard…think KD had it right earlier , it’s something and nothing . Most premier league standard keepers can play a bit. I think it’s a good signing for where we might be targetting ie West Ham/Leicester area. Alison/Ederson standard may have to wait…they’re the ones most often labelled “sweeper keeper”….apart from Dave Beasant, obvs..
  7. Does/did Howe employ this tactic regularly then? 🤔
  8. Never heard of one of them let alone seen one before
  9. My old man was there 56-58 on national service…think he’d agree the young lady here . It was basically Vietnam but with G & T’s in the officers mess
  10. Don’t disagree with much of that but we’re living in strange times… we don’t have to think his motives were noble and decent to recognise that in the digital age this is the way investigative journalism will often be done. The way he delivered his data was his downfall…. If he’d been taken the data to the Guardian or the NY Times he’d been hailed a hero as much as Chelsea Manning is…. and Hilary’s emails would very likely been withheld , meaning we might not have got Trump …
  11. @sammynb I’ve had a good musical week…
  12. Am uncategorisable. Am the subject of an anthropological study by Harvard post graduates
  13. How did you enjoy last night?…. fuckin hot wasn’t it? For me last night was one of the best half dozen gigs I’ve been to….he didn’t seem to want it to end & neither did the crowd…he’s a phenomenal performer. I saw him In the 90s at some festival and enjoyed it but this was several levels above that
  14. Put this in here due to Patel’s decision…. I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about Assange but Oborne nails it… his colleagues appear to be sniffy about him because in their eyes he’s “not a real journalist” iyam https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jun/17/britain-julian-assange-extradition-priti-patel-us?CMP=share_btn_tw
  15. I don’t identify as any UK based regional sub ethnic group due to my unique heritage. I do however identify as 100% MAG
  16. I think this is worse than Brexit tbh. Trust this disingenuous fuckin arsehole to be all for it
  17. Oh… https://news.sky.com/story/prime-ministers-ethics-adviser-lord-geidt-resigns-12634638
  18. Hard times for our former schemer https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-61811817
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