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  1. Precedent Trump

  2. Best away fans in the Premier League

    Shoes off hasn’t been done in about a decade and a half. The latest thing is songs about the IRA & what a good lad Tommy Robinson is
  3. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Bruce is utterly complicit just by dint of taking the job itself. There’s no secret to what Ashley stands for. He’s floundering after a run of astonishingly fortunate results. Bruce is disloyal and useless. He gets jobs because of his affable Geordie persona, he genuinely appears to be popular in English football circles including and importantly sections of the media. His record tells its own story though, yesterday was the 300th game he’s lost as a manager.
  4. Politics

    Not sure how I feel about this...always thought it should be an elected upper house but they’re going to try to do away with it and replace it with nothing, or an “elected” committee of placemen. That’s when we become a fascist state.
  5. Politics

    Nandy will fail and the thing they’re going to get her on is trans issues. She’s apparently ok with make sex offenders die tying as women being put in women’s prisons. I have no opinion on the subject as it appears to bring out the worst in absolutely anyone who dares to voice an opposing opinion on either side of the issue
  6. Politics

    A useful one it seems for a bigger, global plan.... This is the Bannon text book. I don’t give a fuck about the rule of law when it comes to that cunt, someone should put a bullet between his eyes
  7. The Boxing thread

    Eddie Hearn is a cunt
  8. Other games 2019/2020

    and us
  9. What are you listening to ?

    I have to say that it completely passed me by... It's utterly brilliant ... I thought I get myself a hard copy but it's coming out at £50 to import it from Greece of all places so I think I'll pass...it's on this compilation though..
  10. Other games 2019/2020

    Yeah.... The atmosphere last night was ferocious. I'm not saying the scousers can't put a decent show on themselves but I don't think the Athleti players and definitely not their manager will be even a tiny bit intimidated. I hope Athleti shithouse them for 90 glorious minutes
  11. Other games 2019/2020

    Haaland & Sancho are going to win the European Cup for Dortmund. You heard it here first
  12. What are you listening to ?

    @Alex continuing the Wetherall thing... do you remember this?..
  13. Politics

    In the old way of doing things once the spad becomes the story (Campbell, Coulson) he's toast. Don't know whether the mandarins still have as much clout in this brave new world though? Also this
  14. Yes Gemmill...

    Cunt of a day all round RIP Weatherall
  15. Yes Gemmill...

    Harry Gregg, 87 A truly great man
  16. Ken Bruce should stick to the fuckin wireless
  17. Politics

    I got Starmer’s yesterday and this morning sms felicitations from Nandy & RLB... I’ve only replied to Nandys, asked her to send nudes for Gemmil
  18. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  19. General Random Conversation..

    Hey @Andrew do you say Fush und Chups yet? Happy birthday anyway 😁
  20. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Beautiful 👍 I said it the other day and confused half of Somerset Citeh are what thousands of us want us to be...am not keen. They're being fucked by having their owners basically being their shirt sponsors but still...
  21. Europe --- In or Out

    Is it nit picking to say Javid worked for a bank? 🤔
  22. Politics

  23. Politics

    He's terrifying

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