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  1. I generally agree with you, defintely about Kitbag. If we can get that bandwagon going it could be very powerful. With regards to singing St. James' Park, I think it could put off other sponsers (this is assuming it actually is up for sale, I know) which is a good thing for me - I dont want any contracts secured in the fear that when he sells up one day the new owners have to abide by the existing contract in place. I just want it St. James' Park. Again, I know its probably destined to stay S*orts D*rect. If we wanna give a response to this get a simple t-shirt, I'm using the link in my signature for mine, get the words KITBAG.COM printed on there, anything else about SJP aswell if you want, but aslong as KITBAG is on and wear it for Chelsea!
  2. I like it. Obviously it might turn into 'stand up for SJP' too. Singing that and displaying stuff about kitbag are two things everyone can easily do which shoves this latest news back at him, while supporting the team.
  3. I agree. About renewing, I've always said that the best way to go about things with Ashley is to get tickets as a member, or general sale. Granted it may work out a tad more expensive if you go to every game, but you could miss the odd game or even buy cheaper tickets. If more people refused to buy ST's, we'd have so much more power, or be in a better position to give a reponse. Brilliant idea about the billboards, how would we find out? I'd totally be interested and back that.
  4. Top darts. Which is why any form of protest should involve KITBAG.COM because that is the only way we can truly get back at Ashley, if his actions result in a competitor gaining more exposure.
  5. www.cafepress.co.uk And the Back: The best response to this would be as many of those inside SJP as possible the next home game. If some kind of publicity could get going for kitbag as a result of 'renaming' the stadium, then it would hurt Ashley more than anything else. I urge anyone who wanst to give a response to order this t-shirt which takes 2 mins to design at cafepress.co.uk
  6. This is true. KITBAG.COM should be put up everywhere by people, buy a t-shirt with it printed on and turn up to the match like that for starters.
  7. Do a massive banner saying KITBAG.COM
  8. Anyone giving stick out to people who ask if they can sit down is wrong, obviously. Likewise anyone who shouts 'sick the f*** down you t***' for example. If theres an old woman or someone with a medcial condition behind then just sit down, imo, unless you can swap seats. There dosent need to be any abusive crap, and that goes for the steward malarky too. "Are you going to sit down?" "No, I'd prefer not to" *carries on supporting team .... thats all that is needed. "Shove your seats up your arse" etc is inviting conflict and potentially bringing on problems. Sunday showed there is potential to make the ground louder, give it time to grow. The Leazes L7 only started with a very small group - it ended up 3,000 strong. We need that core together, starting the atmosphere, because there were times against Arsenal when the singing spread through to the Gallowgate end and made a difference. But to do this we've got to leave out any confrontation, and not respond with a 'f*** you' attitude. The 'danger' of standing is a total con we are supposed to just accept, when it reality we are being completely shafted. If they are going to basically keep enforcing this con, with no admission that standing is not dangerous, then people have to take things into their own hands. The defeatist & easy thing to do would be to shrug your shoulders and think there is no choice, but they cannot deal with the numbers which are on our side if get organised - e.g. Leazes Corner. We just need to do it in a way which is not abusive or aggressive, and trying to co-operate with our fellow fans, swapping seats for example if possible.
  9. Even if he did i reckon Pardew would get told not to play him That would then put the spot light firmly on Pardew if he rates Barton and at least wants him in the squad as he's already said.
  10. Strongly advise this is watched, all of it.
  11. Everyone is moving to the strawberry corner, if we stick together this can still be a blessing in disguise, if your going to move I'd advise there. Just like Level 7 if we have the numbers we have the power, everyone get themselves to the strawberry corner.
  12. Agree, if we get general sale tickets together theres NOTHING they can do, we just need to work together. If we do this, we can give a nice two finger response to Ashley on the first game of next season in the Strawberry Corner.
  13. ? What'd they do Am I just being thick as mince or have I missed summat? Actually setting up and attempting dialogue. Its the proper thing to do but what it did was take the heat off the club and reduce the chances of protest at the move. By then continually moving the goalposts on the decision about moving people they were able to slowly let it die off without any major kick off. Now the first people will know that L4 isnt going to happen is when that letter drops through the door telling them theyre in Gallowgate Upper Tier or somewhere. Pay on the day, sit where you like, don't give him your ST money. Or just don't go, anymore. Shame, I'm going to miss the matchday craic. Exactly, if you have a ST and requested leazes L4 but get gallowate, persue the matter to get it changed. It works for them if everyone pipes down and accepts it, but its up to us not to and keep banging on the door. But the fact is as long as theres a core of fans in L4, which there will be through general sale tickets, it will evolve and grow over time. The core group will become bigger through more people who get match day tickets joining L4 because they see a group of fans singing, and it will go from there. If anyone was thinking about getting a ST for Level4 then its now wise not to, and get general sale tickets in L4 , garenteeing your place.
  14. He didnt 'show loyalty' to Hughton or 'give him another chance'. He simply left Hughton in charge to hold the fort while he was trying to sell the club, which is why he didnt appoint a manager. In the mean time Hughton started doing well and I suspect Ashley then had a re-think and realised he didnt need to sell as a return to the Premiership and Sky money looked a strong possiblity early on. He struck lucky that the temporary man in charge until he found a buyer actually turned out to be a good manager, nothing to do with judgement or loyalty.
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