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  1. .... no we're not. we wish we were too big to go down, but we have achieved less than most teams! we couldn't even beat derby fucking county last season (thank god mark was there to save us a point)... god bless you marky boy
  2. ...................... we're merely agreeing with one another
  3. Im sure he could seeing as you're a Man U fan from Blackpool pardon?
  4. without a doubt! we need a striker who can actually handle some pressure like joey lad!! Beckford has the pace and the tenacity! i've seen him at leeds a few times when going with friends (we take turns in newcastle and leeds) and he has everything! the touch, the finish and again the pace! in fact... i think to take such a great star from lets face it, a great club in trouble, would make us bullies!
  5. joey barton shows the passion and determination that is needed in football!! we need players like barton to get us out of this mess be have gotten ourselves in! sick-note owen isnt gonna cut it and neither is obe-fucking-femi martins!
  6. you're not wrong fat useless cunt shearer is the only cunt i know!
  7. he is sooo fricking under rated is mark!!! he has a lazy striker role and is quality at it!.... YEAH!?
  8. cmon spurs!!! lets keep spurs busy in the uefa cup and tire them out a little bit more for the prem!!! down the spurs!!
  9. I believe Alan shearer was over rated and cost the club too much in finances! Mark Viduka is twice the striker, and will only Cost us HALF what Shearer did!...if he played more!
  10. judging from her Iceland adverts, i'd say not only is she a talented singer - she is also a deeply talented actor if she can truely keep a straight face whilst promoting cheap and sweaty foods!
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