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  1. If thats true im deeply disappointed, After everything thats happend and the fact that FS himself said we have to get this appointment right he's gonna F*ck about!!!! So who's gonna be in the dug out? How does this effect our pulling power in the transfer market? Will our players see this as a farce and wanna leave? I cant see any positives. I feel let down, A common feeling over the past 2 seasons!!!
  2. If Boro Win the Uefa Cup and get to the FA Cup Final then 7th spot will be a Uefa Cup place. Looking at the next few games we have a good chance to finish 7th. Wigan,WestHam and Bolton all have a few hard games.
  3. 1 defeat was a cup game too.....his form would see us in a very strong league position 118307[/snapback] Premiership record is.... Played 10 Won - 6 Lost - 3 Drew - 1 Lost to Liverpool,Manu and Charlton. IMO at the end of the season his Premiership record will read.... Played 15 Won 10 Lost - 3 Drew - 2 That would be Impressive IMO. Roeder hasnt exactly had much of a squad to work with and concidering his main Strike Force has been Shearer and Ameobi is even more impressive.
  4. Roeder has done a decent job as caretaker. Played 12 Won - 7 Drew - 1 Lost - 4 Not to bad if you concider that 2 of the 4 defeats were away to Chelsea and Manu. Im not staying Roeder should be our new manager but that he aint as bad as some have made out, We've had quite a few injuries and Roeder has patched things up well.