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  1. This will continue every home match cos the council has a bee up there arse about the standing. Unless they ban the whole section sitting down will never be achieved without a major police presence to force the issue. Man Utd at home will be a day where it may be brought out in a bigger light as it may well kick off bigstyle in L7 that day as their support always stands also
  2. I've won loads on FM. I might apply for the Everton job!
  3. I think its meant to say Red Cards. Aye, I played for my uni against Sunderland Uni because of a mass injury crisis. We won 2-1 i scored twice and there centre back kicked lumps out of me most of the game. I went for a header late on and he elbowed me in the head then when i landed he purposely stood on my head and the referee ignored it .So i got up and punched him and got sent off.
  4. "Michael: What ya deein Shola? Shola: He telt is it was backhander then put it up me arse"
  5. Because everybody is quick to try and place fault. When the fact is the whole team was shit barring maybe Bassong.
  6. I have to say many people on here are talking about optimism waning and the situation were currently in. But my lowest point ever was Wigan at boxing day under Allardyce last year, we lost 1-0 we had 1 shot all game(through Viduka) and i blew all of my christmas money on it. I really thought we were in the shit. I thought it was going to be a long haul and i couldn't see where we could escape. Looking at the squad now compared to then it is miles better, alot of people didn't like the appointment of JK but at least we are grinding out points. We got hammered on our own patch today whi
  7. Tonight so far it hasn't i'll tell you tomorrow when i've sobered up sufficiently.
  8. I agree 100% plenty of running and nothing else. N'zogbia clearly offers much much more! Correct N'Zogbia is miles better then Duff.
  9. Im not sure that Mr Vain sampled anything and Im thinking its unlikely that we came out to Mr Vain. If however you mean that its used on the video itself and not during the games then Id imagine they probably did use it as it was one of the biggest songs of that year. Aye, the words aren't in the actual review to the song it's just the beat in the background and its between games as background music.
  10. I'll try so far no success. I can't even find any bits of it on youtube i'll have to try and record it on my mobile and upload it too youtube.
  11. What is the name of the song they played at the start and end and between matches i've asked on various boards and none seem to know. Hopefully one of you lads can tell me an artist and song . Cheers
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