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  1. He certainly will have to take a large wage drop to move back home (unless he was to move to Brazil I suppose, relatively close to home and can pay big wages). I'd hope he could at least see out the rest of the season with us but if not we need 2 new centre backs ASAP.
  2. QPR were utter fools for buying him, their own fault. Same goes to West Ham to a lesser extent for paying what they did and giving him a ridiculous contract.
  3. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but Tim Vickery said he had heard Colo wants to move back to Argentina the other night (think Vickery said he had heard this from Colo's dad). He hasn't seemed at all like himself lately.
  4. The whole interview is mostly Erasure related
  5. A proper bad spell under Pardew was bound to happen sooner or later and I think it will come to an end at Stoke where I reckon we'll get a scrappy win. After that we could easily get 4 points from the following two games. There's no need to panic (yet).
  6. They are a bit more adventurous then Sam's teams usually are. Nowhere near as dour to watch as Stoke or Sunderland at the moment.
  7. Keegans team came closest to winning the league, played the best football and featured several of the premier leagues best players at their peak.
  8. they have 12 shots on target all season, every other team in the league has at least 28
  9. What are the main issues you've seen with it Ant? I'm getting a new laptop soon and I'm thinking about getting one with win8.
  10. Just been reduced to 1 year for some reason...
  11. Leaving it a bit late this week? The predictor is the highlight of my weekend
  12. Going a bit further back Given for 1.5 million and Solano for around 2 million were fantastic value for money.
  13. Smith has to be up there. So fucking shit other than a few weeks at the start of the championship season.
  14. This article is from over a year ago, "I'm no hooligan" ffs http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Football-fan-says-m-hooligan-ban-breach/story-13251413-detail/story.html
  15. Hey Wolfy you big weirdo, just wondering, out of all the stereotypical conspiracy theories crackpots like your mad self tend to go for, is there any that you don't believe in?
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