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  1. sums them up beautifully, the fact that they'd be happy to draw 0-0 with their giant neighbours. sad mackem bastards
  2. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Yeah I'm going. us to score early and win 2-0.
  3. Theory Test

    Well done. Just let us know if you pass your practical, and when, so we know how more alert we need to be thanks mate.
  4. Theory Test

  5. Blackberry

    just ordered a blackberry. how much internet is 500mb? and what can i use for 500mb?
  6. Theory Test

    I have my driving theory test two weeks today. I have been revising for a few weeks but need to get it sorted properly now. For you's who have done the theory.. what was the best way for you to revise?
  7. Plymouth Argyle -v- NUFC

    supposedly alan smith has broken his cheek bone
  8. betting

    whats everyones bets for tomorrow?
  9. don't think we'd be where we are though tbf.
  10. Gambling

    Deposit Limits This facility enables customers to limit their deposits on a 24 hour and/or a 168 hour (7 day) basis. These amounts can be revised downwards at anytime but any increase will take 24 hours to update. Please note that when you set a limit it will encompass deposits from the previous 24 hour and or 168 hour (7 day) period. 24 hour limit168 hour (7 day) limit Confirm your password what should i put for this haha?
  11. What are you listening to ?

    yeah Jamie T is good tbh.
  12. Ipswich Town 0-4 Newcastle United

    Does the Ipswich train return the same day ?
  13. GCSE results

    1 A* - chemistry 3 B's - english literature, english language 3 C's - biology, physics, maths 1 D - geography merits in ict and business.
  14. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    on n-o the craic is supposedly everything will be revealed today ?

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