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  1. My son said 'dada' for the first time today, when I got home from the match. It's been an emotional day.
  2. Absolute hero. Never has a player been more deserving of such a moment. Immensely proud that he's represented this club the last few years. His performances may have been up and down, but his professionalism and commitment has never wavered. In some countries, it's illegal to have the feelings I have towards this man.
  3. I love Colo, but, well, nah, really? Completely standard Ashley move, like.
  4. With a near six month old, I'll be lucky to last until midnight. Although, I'll see more than enough of the early hours of the morning. Can't say I'm bothered, mind. He's a cracking excuse to decline invites to inevitably shit house parties.
  5. Carver/Beardsley for as long as they keep us afloat, I reckon. Someone incredibly uninspiring to follow.
  6. Perfect situation for Ashley, like. Didn't want to shift him earlier due to the compensation, now some silly fucker is going to pay him. Incredible. Never imagined that it'd happen like this, and after a win too. For all I'm pleased that he's going, the worry now turns to who we'll get instead. I can't see us acting quickly. More likely that Carver/Beardsley will be handed the reigns, similar to Hughton.
  7. Reckon we're getting dicked today, like. I'm watching it at my lasses parents', and I don't think I've watched us win here in about seven years. Plus, it's Boxing Day. It's 'United', as well. What I'm trying to get across here, is that I'm not confident of a result.
  8. Ashley and Pardew have stopped radgies wanting to fight? Could probably get themselves some decent consultancy work out of that.
  9. It felt a bit nawty getting on a metro full of them, like. I'm genuinely surprised that there wasn't much bother, especially considering the result.
  10. If only he'd have went down easy in the break that lead to their goal.
  11. It looked, again, like they were the only side that turned up to play football. We stupidly came for a fight. Coloccini's daft challenge in the first few minutes summed up our intentons, and early bookings put our midfield at a distinct disadvantage. In attack, we looked nervous and snatched at the chances we had, even when well placed. They had the better of the chances, but we had more than enough ourselves to win the game. Thought Ayoze was our MOTM, and looked the best player on the pitch. Credit to Sissoko, too, who did his best, but was moved around too much. The way we now approach these games is exactly how they used to, so it's no surprise that we're the ones now struggling badly. It doesn't help that Poyet completely has Pardew's number, either.
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