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  1. Deadline day thread

    Please fuck off!! agreed agreed
  2. Deadline day thread

    Well i hear riquelme is among the best set-piece takers in the world, and a creative beast. He might just get pushed around too much tho, but hes always been one of my favourite players in world cups etc and id love to have him retire here after 2-3 years. Aslong as its no more than 5-6mill im happy.
  3. Your World XI

    Buffon Daniel Alves - Rio Ferdinand - Nemanja Vidic - Patrice Evra Marcos Senna Cristiano Ronaldo - Kaka - Franck Ribery Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fernando torres And id want Obafemi Martins to come on in the 80th minute and run down all the tired grunts
  4. Who would you realistically bring in?

    Harper Beye Colo Bassong Enrique Lovenkrands Nolan Veloso Jonas Owen Martins Bench: Saviola Barton Taylor Taylor Duff Carroll Krul Tho i guess this is completely irrealistic transferwise. And damn right impossible to find all those guys injury-free. Veloso or Saviola, preferably Veloso in addition to taylor and im happy with the window tho.
  5. Andy Carroll

    alright 3rd striker, better than shola anyway.
  6. Given signs for Man City

    i like how 5m is an insult yet they agree to six. Once again this shows how weak our board/manager is. A proper one would have walked out of the room at the mention of anything less than 10m
  7. tho id personally just want the money for given and then finance a proper bid for veloso, rather than johnson or onuoha
  8. I bet zog is having second thougths, cos he actually knows wigans isnt a better club long-term.
  9. Bassong

    Veloso taylor and saviola and i feel this is a top 10 side. We'll only get taylor tho, but we can dream
  10. Peter Lovenkrands

    The few touches he had i liked him, he still showed pace and i have no clue as to why kinnear only gave him 10 minutes.
  11. Geordies vs Makems, the derby!

    So when are we firing this chipmunk they call jfk? Lovenkrands should have come on earlier, from the start imo. Then he puts off our most experienced cb to put steven taylor in there for the last 2 minutes. steven taylor almost gives them a goal twice, making me shudder.
  12. Geordies vs Makems, the derby!

    perfectly executed aswell
  13. Geordies vs Makems, the derby!

    i was almost crying when they actually let shola take it. HAHAHAHAHAHA get in
  14. Mike Ashley

    So does this mean that you think if Ashley gives Kinnear a bit more wedge for the next few days and lets him have this extended contract then all will be good? Since Kinnear has been here, I have seen nothing from the team to suggest that Kinnear deserves the job on a long term basis. Im sick of his bleatings, think his tactical decisions have a lot to answer for and I doubt that under his stewardship, we will see anything better than lower half of the table Rob...im not saying it will all be good, it will be "dig and drive" stuff, an uphill battle. But this is the situation we are in, we have to stop thinking we are going to get a "miracle worker" manager in who is going to dramatically change our fortunes. I think id rather settle for stability for a couple of seasons under ONE manager, albeit not the best manager in the world but remember he is finding his feet again, and i do think he has something if only his tenecious nature. Yes i agree about his constant bleatings, but i take them all with a pinch of salt, sometimes he speaks alot of sense and sometimes he talks shite. But as it stands mate we have to make do with what we have, i dont want another season of upheavel so let him stay for ONE more season id say. Hes shown he doesnt have a clue, id probably take any manager in the championship over him. We just need someone who isnt a complete moron. Hopefully Ashley will understand that when the season ends, im not getting my hopes up tho. My personal favourite for the job at present would be Steve Bruce, and if Ashley seeks ot redeem himself i believe he could tempt him away from Wigan. Most important tho we just need a "decent" manager. Kinnear constantly talks bullshit, gets himself in trouble and seems to not have a tactical clue. I very much doubt our current crop of players actually have faith in him.
  15. Ryan Taylor

    5m and im happy, extremely so aswell.

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