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  1. I wont be back. I know not going will have very little impact on the club - I just cant face the thought of giving money to the parasites that are running the club. I’m sickened by the actions of the club and there has to be a point when personal principles overtake blind faith. I cant associate myself with the arrogant and twisted actions of MA and if my instinct is correct Alan Pardew - with his appointment clearly being pre-meditated. Chris Hughton represented what the club should be about integrity, dignity and above all the best interests of the club . If being honourable is now
  2. haha you cant get enough commas, only joking tried to tone it down a bit in the most recent articles. Thanks for the feedbaclk
  3. not totally sure but there might be other sites on the internet that cover that kinda stuff
  4. Cheers, currently the one and only link in the new nufc links page!
  5. Hi guys - been meaning to do this for ages but finally got round to creating a website. Link is www.nufcblackandwhite.com Let me know what improvements you think are needed! Cheers, Stuart
  6. Maybe its time for charles to look at himself, if we are so bad and he is so much better than the club why has he never been able to hold down a consistent place in the team. By my calculations he has paid him over six million pounds for his contributions so far, it really pisses me off. Ok things arent great at the club, but he clearly has no respect for his team mates and the fans by constantly degrading the club!
  7. Just posted this on another thread its the link to his previous communication for anyone who has forgotten it. shows that the accounts are in line with what he said, its not lies. Like any business with assets the club has debts. I paid £134 million out of my own pocket for the club. I then poured another £110 million into the club not to pay off the debt but just to reduce it. The club is still in debt. Even worse than that, the club still owes millions of pounds in transfer fees. I shall be paying out many more millions over the coming year to pay for players bought by the club befo
  8. im not wanting to get into a slagging match here but if you analyse the Mike Ashley's statement and the look at the audited accounts of Earnst and Young they do show that what he said was not lying. What exactly are the reasons for the protests? What are the facts of the protests, like if you were producing a court document what would be labelled against him based on evidence etc im not trying to be contraversial just trying to understand the views a bit better. "Like any business with assets the club has debts. I paid £134 million out of my own pocket for the club. I then poured anoth
  9. It is clear from the latest financial accounts that he is attempting to build a sustainable football club, something which the club needs given the previous owners. For anyone who hasn't seen the additional breakdown of players wages etc Owner Mike Ashley has ploughed more than £100M into the club to clear all debts at the club. Sam Allardyce and his team got payouts of £4.6M when they left the club in January last year - no wonder it was by mutual consent that he agreed to leave - the club were very good to him financially. Newcastle received £6.7M in compensation for striker Micha
  10. has any1 got a link to the full accounts?
  11. would defo take ferguson, great experience good passer of the ball. He is a winner which is the character we need, winning 13 medals in his career and captaining Rangers to the last 16 in the champions leauge and the UEFA cup final. The comments from the newcastle fans are similar to that of the Scotland fans. However, with his recent absence from the last few games they have been made to eat humble pie. Has still got a few years left in him!
  12. Shola has signed a three year extension! http://www.nufc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsD...1510752,00.html
  13. So what would your take on the financial situation at united be? or is there not enough accounts details to comment?
  14. There's no way the club has officially paid off the 'debt'. What will have happened is Ashley puts cash into SJHL, they lend that on to NUFC on a secured basis so that in the basis of NUFC going into administration Ashley would be at the front of the queue to recover what was left. If he simply paid it off he would be just an equity investor and would be left with bugger all. Even Comrade A has a 'loan' in his favovur for everything he has put into Chelsea. work in finance matt? interesting stuff.
  15. It seems to me that he is unsure about what is going on at the club and is having to put on a brave face infront of the cameras. This is why he is presented as clueless. I must admit that I like the passion he has for being manager of the club, and believe he is giving it his all. The real proof will be our league position at the end of the season! It will be difficult to judge him on the transfers if they are not his players.
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