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  1. I did write quite a long post about how things arn't all doom in gloom, but I don't want to seem to be patronising. Imagine how good Andy Carroll is going to be in the Championship though. He's a battering ram.
  2. I have to say, the sense of humour on this board is fantastic. I think Ashley Young will play. Read/heard a snipped from O'Neill earlier saying that he should be alright. If Heskey plays, you've got a fantastic chance of winning...
  3. I think you will win. Villa are in very poor form. No doubt Newcastle will be up for this as well. I think you'll win on passion and sheer 'if we don't win this game we're fucked' factor. I think the only thing you have to worry about is Carew. He's in great form and he'll bully your centre backs if you give him opportunity to.
  4. Hiya lads. I think that badge they've created is a monstrosity. They didn't even use the right badge, we had a new one a few years ago. Anyway, I think the feeling amongst most Villa fans is that they really couldn't give a toss about Sunderland or anyone else for that matter. Personally, I want us to win because we have a chance of regaining 5th. I can't say the idea of relegating Newcastle isn't appealing though. I tell you what though. Your team isn't worthy of the support you give your team! Its a bloody shambles. Should we be expecting thousands of geordies in the Villa stands?
  5. I'm not a brummie and neither was I aggrieved. Guess I got the wrong end of the stick to be honest. Put it this way, I doubt O'Neill is particulary interested in Owen at this time and Villa fans know it isnt going to happen. I suspect you're used to opposition fans coming on here and taking the micky?
  6. So with N'Zobia being a left footer he'd be looking at playing leftback at Villa. Which he doesn't like? This rumour is looking less and less likely. For what its worth, I've heard the player that PSG are potentially offering in exchange is dynamite. The next Bassong perhaps? How much do you think N'Zogbia is potentially worth, bearing in mind his 'wanting out' would perhaps lower his price, regardless of whether Newcastle want to sell or not. No point keeping him if isn't thaaat good. Milner has really split opinions at Villa park, and to be fair he hasn't overdone the stepovers so f
  7. We paid well over the odds for Milner. But we needed a right winger, and Milner fitted the bill perfectly, being the disciplined grafter to Ashley Young's flair. I'm not sure we need N'Zogbia beyond being a squad player for the short term, and for the long term he'd have to oust Ashley Young. If we wanted him, I'm not sure we'd stump us the money Newcastle would want this time around. Saying that MON is pretty bizarre in the transfer market, you never know. Are the rumours of Newcastle's 'money trouble' true?
  8. To almost everyone I'd say. The only thing is Villa are the sort of club who could win 5 titles in a row, and the press would still ignore them a) cos they're from the Midlands cos Brummies are boring cunts and c) they just haven't and never will have that x factor as a club where people are interested in them and d) obviously a shit fan base too I havn't signed up to toontastic to get enbroiled in a 'big club' debate, but it does appear to me that your opinions on Villa are slightly skewed, bordering on bitter. Anyway, as far as N'Zogbia goes, I've always rated him as a good pl
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